Brunette Hairstyle Inspiration from Celebrities for 2016

Whether you are thinking of a seasonal change or just wonder which brunette shade to take for your locks, you surely need to consider celebrity’s choices and best looks. Brunette is a natural hair color which highlights your femininity and remains one of the most beautiful hair shades. In spite of the fact that today many wear pastel, rainbow or any other artificial hair color, natural hues will continue to be the classiest and the most demanded in the fashion world. So, if you are looking for a new brunette hairstyle inspiration for 2016 then consider the following cool hairdos from brunette celebrities.brunette hairstyles celebrities 2016Katie Holmes Brunette Hairstyle

Katie’s warm and tanned complexion is pleased with the matching dark chocolate brown hair color. This stylish lady always appears with trendy hairstyles and glamorous makeups. Her soft layered haircut with loose waves brings out the subtleness of her beautiful hair color. The long side bangs make her look younger, cuter and more girlish. Well, you need to style your locks like this if you have long damaged locks or want to add a glam touch to your haircut.Katie Holmes brunette hair 2016Kendall Jenner Black Hairstyle

Kendall Jenner is one of the natural brunette Kardashian sisters who rock the most inspiring hairstyles in Hollywood. Her dark black hair with the jet effect in it is often styled into straight, center parted or slicked back hairstyles. It seems as if Kendall just loves her natural shade and does her best to maintain it. She matches these hairstyles with smoky eyes and subtle makeups sometimes combined by nude lips.Kendall Jenner black hair 2016Lea Michele Brunette Hairstyle

As for Lea we have noticed that she has a kind of love towards highlights and youthful braided hairstyles. Though she doesn’t change her brunette hair color but she adds highlights, ombre effects and refreshes her locks with fashionable layered haircuts and bangs. This lovely side braid hairstyle showcase her tender charm and dark hair color.Lea Michele brunette hair 2016Mila Kunis Brunette Hairstyle

Mila Kunis’s chestnut brown hair color ideally goes with her medium skin tone. She wears it with straight, layered or curly hairstyles which look ravishing and luxurious. Even in this simple straight style she is delicate and attractive due to her natural brunette shade. It’s easy to achieve on medium to long straight haircuts.Mila Kunis chestnut brown hair 2016Olivia Palermo Light Brown Hair

Olivia Palermo’s warm light brown hair color with long curly hairstyles are among the top lists of trendy shades and hairdos. You can find her hairstyles in any website where authors pay attention to celebrity hair colors, haircuts and hairstyles. The golden brown tints added to the tips of the represented hairstyle creates a fresh, shiny and more seductive effect. Why not try it for your brunette locks in 2016?Olivia Palermo light brown hair 2016Jessica Biel Brunette Hairstyle

And the last brunette hairstyle in this post is Jessica Biel’s side parted brown hairstyle with caramel highlights. She knows how to compliment her skin tone and eye color with the right hues. Caramel highlights ideally warm up dark brunette hairstyles and make the base shade richer.brunette hairstyle Jessica Biel 2016



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