Popular Tom Hardy’s Hairstyle Ideas

Tom Hardy is a fashion icon whose styles are being adopted by many men around the world. Well, women dream to date him, while men are trying to copy him. It is more than visible that he has perfect face features that allow him to experiment with numerous hairstyles. Whatever he wears he looks really good and trendy. His hair is naturally curly but sometimes he wears it straight. Tom has incredible natural texture that makes the things much easier. I have listed some of Tom Hardy’s hairstyles to inspire you.    Popular Tom Hardy’s Hairstyle IdeasSide Swept Hair

Tom Hardy likes to experiment with various hairstyles and it is pretty inspiring for all men out there. We love both his rough masculine looks as well as gentleman styles. In this particular design his hair has been center parted and the locks have been gently combed to the side. However you will also need to apply some hair products to get a super slick effect like he did.side swept hairHipster Hair

Tom features all hipster men. He can pull off any hairstyle and still look sumptuous. Here his locks mimic a hipster fashion- a dapper look has been blended with a little spiky edging. His hair has been brushed back that is slick and doesn’t seem flat. However hipster hairstyles look better with grown out facial hair. With this headdress you will always be in the center of attention.hipster hairCasual Messy Hair

Here he has a slightly longer hair on the top, while the sides are razor clipped short. If you want to achieve this messy touch, a bit of hair product will come in handy. It will also help to boost the style and look smart. Don’t try to overdo otherwise you will get an artificial look. The main idea should be creating a carefree and nonchalant look. You can match this headdress with you casual outfit.casual messy hairBald Style

No hair, No Care! Well, as you see Tom Hardy is super handsome even when he doesn’t have hair. In this style his head has been totally shaved to have a bald look. It works really well with his excellent bon structure. We also love the vibrant feel of his moustache. This is a perfect hairstyle that features all strong men!blad-hairClassic Look

Here I have included one of Tom Hardy’s hairstyles that are great to wear in the evening gatherings. He is rocking a graded undercut that starts above the ears and gradually becomes longer towards the top. He has also drawn a side part and by applying hair gel, combed all the strands back.classic look



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