Women Celebs Rock Buzz Haircut

Have you recently felt like picking up a clipper and get rid of your hair mops. If yes, then you are not alone, because celebs also have the same desire. On runways stages, streets, screens, when it comes to hair, it is becoming more than important. Since hairstyle is crucial part of the look, celebs consciously try to do the best choice.Women Celebs Rock Buzz Haircut Shorter haircuts make another statement. Besides shaven-head, buzz is the shortest haircut. It is particularly popular among men who refer to military field, although ordinary guys also prefer this short and effortless cut. Wearing this extreme hairstyle, ladies will definitely stand out of the crowd. Now watch how women celebs rock buzz haircut.

Let’s look at popular models such as Kris Gottschalk and Ruth Bell. They have decided to pick up a clipper after failing their shoulder length and chin-length hairstyles. Blonde fluffy hair is more in demand, and popular fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Givenchy cut their model’s hair off and got an impressive “Barbie Doll” appearance.

Kris Gottschalk buzz haircut for females

Kris Gottschalk buzz haircut for females

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