2016 Trendy Hair Colors from Fashion Shows

From cool platinum blonde hair colors to the rich and flashy copper red, check out this string of trendy hair colors for 2016. These are the options collected from the latest fashion shows. So, be the first of your friends who already knows the stunning shades of 2016. Choose the most suitable hair color for your hair and transform into another fashionable lady.hair colors 2016 - CopyDeep Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Discover the rich chocolate brown hair color for your pale or dark complexion. This warm hair color is the best choice for brunettes who want to refresh their current hair color. It works with almost all skin tones and is perfect combined with dark eyes.Dark Chocolate hair color 2016 - CopyStrawberry Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry blonde is a lovely shade of blonde that has reddish undertones. Today this is one of the most requested hair colors among women who have light complexion with pink undertones. This is not a shade o be chosen by anyone and it requests special skin tones and eye color.  strawberry blonde hair color 2016Copper Red Hair Color

After the inspiring cartoon “Brave” many started to dye their locks in copper red hair color. Actually it has many light and dark shades and is best reflected on curly hair. If you have natural long curls you should definitely try this shade at least once in your life. Copper red is ideal with green eyes.copper red hair color 2016 - CopySwedish Blonde Hair Color

The baby blonde or the soft Swedish blonde hair color is a subtle shade that has rather natural-looking effect combined with light skin tones. This hair color is for ladies who have light complexion along with light eyes. It can give you a delicate and very seductive look.sweddish blonde hair color 2016Bronzy Brown Hair Color

There is something very sophisticated in this rich shade. It’s a glossy bronzy brown hair color with many shades of light and reddish browns. This is a great choice for females who have medium skin tones and dark eyes. Its effect is incredible on healthy hair.bronze brown hair color 2016 - CopyPlatinum Blonde Hair Color

It is not a secret that the majority of blondes have already tried the lightest shade of blonde; platinum blonde. It is experimented by brunettes as well and looks very delightful on any hairstyle. May choose it to soften their short haircuts.platinum blonde hair color 2016 - CopySilver Hair Color

The next is the unique silver hair color. Granny’s hair is now trendy and is worn by young ladies. Silver has many light and dark shades for all skin tones and eye colors. So, choose the best one for your short or long hair.runway silver hair color 2016Ombre Hair Color

If before ombre was chosen only by beauties with long hair recently it is also worn by ladies with short haircuts. Dark ombre is so pretty on bob hairstyles that it seems as if your bob would look dull without this kind of coloring. If you haven’t tried any ombre hair color on your short hair then hurry up.ombre hair 2016 - Copy



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