2017 Hottest Edgy Hair Color Ideas

Nowadays many women seek for original hair coloring ideas. They choose such solutions that seem crazy and mind-blowing. Special for these ladies I am here to represent the hottest edgy hair colors to try in 2017. Have a look at them and pick the one that goes with your complexion.edgy hair color ideas 2016Orange Hair Color

We say goodbye to simple red shades and opt for the most vibrant hair color. It is the warm orange which has many shades of fire and flame. You mat match this hair color with your light complexion which has pink undertones. It is ravishing on short and long haircuts and is very pretty both on curly and straight locks.orange hair color 2016Pastel Hair Colors

Whether you go for a monotone, two-tone or even for a three-tone pastel hair color you will get the desired bold look. These subtle hair colors are met in various combinations and best go with light complexion. If you have such then experiment with light pink, lavender, mint green or sky blue pastel hair colors in 2017. In case you want to beautify your blonde hair you may add cute pastel highlights on it.pastel hair colors 2016Vibrant Highlights for Dark Hair

If you have dark hair you may change its; monotone and dull look with vibrant blue and purple highlights. They perfectly work with black hair color and tend to draw attention. There is a great tendency of wearing vibrant highlights only on bangs. So, you may like this idea.vibrant highlights for 2016Turquoise Hair Color

Turquoise hair color is a stunning combination of green and blue hues which are very beautifully reflected on dark hair. This hair color works with light complexions as well as with dark skin tones. You can even opt for a dark turquoise ombre hair color if you already have dark roots. Today this is one of the most fashionable hair colors.Turquoise hair color 2016Purple Hair Color

Lavender, lilac or deep purple hair colors are the edgy hair colors that are able to beautiful your long hair. women who have tanned or olive skin tones should take dark purple hair colors and those who have pale and cool skin tones may go for lilac or lavender purples which are pastel shades.purple hair color 2016Grey Ombre Hair Color

Silver or grey ombre hair color which is very popular among young ladies is a subtle ombre style. It is great for long hair and works with any complexion since it’s a natural human hair color idea.silver ombre hair color 2016Rainbow Hair Colorsneon hair colors 2016Playful and bright rainbow hair colors which grab so much attention are very popular. They are delightful on braided hairstyles and tend to show off your “bright” nature and character. If you want to stand out from the crowd then opt for rainbow hair colors.rainbow hair colors 2016So, these are the trendy edgy hair colors for 2016 among which you can choose the hair color that goes not only with your skin tone but also with your current mood and way of thinking. Colors speak much about their wearers.

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