Chocolate Brown Hair Colors for 2017

2017 chocolate brown shades are great for the modern woman. Chocolate brown is a versatile hue that works well almost with all skin tones. However it is not an easy task to choose an excellent chocolate brown hue. The most important thing is to know how to use it in a right way. There are options for ladies with different preferences. Be that light or dark chocolate brown, it is going to look perfect both in highlights and ombre pattern. These styles will definitely come in handy if you are choosing your color and dying pattern.Chocolate Brown Hair Colors for 2017Dark Chocolate Brown on Dark Base

Well, the stylist has used a dark shade to highlight black hair. The medium-length strands in this picture have some dark highlights that give an extra definition and character to the style. It is the best way to break a dull and boring touch of your hairdo. This particular hairdo can be the best choice by women who prefer solid shades and don’t want to stand out with their bright strands.Dark Chocolate Brown on Dark BaseBlended Chocolate Brown Shade

It is hard to guess whether this design has a dye job or not because the different shades perfectly blend into each other and make a great combination with a dark brown base color. To finish the style, go for a center part by sweeping the strands to the sides. Somehow it is a classic and elegant headdress in spite of a simple look, so feel free to rock it in the formal settings too.Blended Chocolate Brown ShadeBrunette Balayage Strands

Balayage technique always guarantees an excellent and chic look but in this case also you have to choose a right color combination. To re-create this perfect headdress, you will need to ask your colorist for an ombre pattern that involves transitioning from black base to a sweet shade of chocolate brown. Since the roots are kept natural, you don’t have to go for regular touchups.Brunette Balayage StrandsSubtle Chocolate Brown Hair

Well, it is not necessary to go for extreme shades to look magnificent since something subtle can still make a huge difference. In this style the chocolate shade helps to spice up the brunette locks and give them some detail. You can still take your look to a top notch by drawing a simple center part. This easy styling will bring out the beauty of your color combination.Subtle Chocolate Brown HairChocolate Brown Voluminous Curls

The shiny chocolate brown shade gives an extra pop to this headdress and it will work well for any women with long and voluminous strands. The color brings out the beauty of light skin tone of the wearer and provides with a fabulous appearance. The simple side part and side sweep styling gives some class to the look. It is an easy and low-maintenance look that is worth to pull off.Chocolate Brown Voluminous Curls



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