Chocolate Mauve Hair Color for 2017

Here is another new hair color trend that is known as chocolate mauve. This hair color is great for all upcoming seasons. Well, although this shade is not natural it still gives a natural looking appearance to the strands. To get a chocolate mauve hair, you will have to mix some pastel shades such as purples and pinks over your brown hair. It is not a high-maintenance look since the color is designed to allow for the roots to grow in dark. There are various ways to rock this shade and these pictures of chocolate mauve hair color for 2017 will definitely inspire you.Chocolate Mauve Hair Color for 2017Chocolate and Rose Balayage Hair

The chocolate mauve hair color is meant to accentuate every movement of your strands. The pinks are used to highlight the strands but don’t stand out too much. The perfect effect of chocolate mauve has been achieved with the help of balayage technique. Simply style your hair in waves to give a sophisticated and mind-blowing look.Chocolate and Rose Balayage HairChocolate and Milk Mauve Hair

This chocolate mauve color reminds of mixing chocolate milk with strawberry milk. Everything about this design is sweet and outstanding. You can also achieve this effect with a right chosen color technique. With a color like this you don’t have to go for complicated styling; simple waves at the tips of the strands are more than enough.

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