Hair Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2017

Looking for a subtle or bold hair color change for the warmer mounts? Look no farther as I have selected some cool hair color trends for spring/summer 2017. It is the best moment to change up your look with a right hair color. Spring/summer vibrant hair colors will make your days bright and sunny. So, these hair color ideas are ranging from solid hues to stunning pastel dye jobs. However today’s hair colors are different from the ones we used to wear before. You will see that these modern hair colors are all about seamless blends or stunning contrasts.

Hair Color Trends for Spring Summer 2017Soft Blonde Balayage

Natural hair colors have been with us all year around and they don’t show any sign of disappearing. Let’s not forget that there are females who are not in vibrant and unnatural shades. But you can always update your monotone hue with some well-placed highlights. Balayage technique is the best to apply the colors to your natural hair color. Take example from this model!Soft Blonde Balayage for 2017Summer Hair Color

The vibrant hair color trend is not going anywhere instead it gets evolved involving even more vivid hues such as pinks, purples, blues and any other hue of rainbow. Opt for highlights and lowlights to take your summer look a step higher. Keep in your mind that a trendy hair color requires a right haircut. In case if you want to make your look bold and edgy go for short undercuts.

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