Interesting Hair Color Ideas for Red Ombre

If you want to stand out in the crowd then this catchy style is for you. Keep your roots natural brown and forget about regular touch ups.Reverse Ginger Ombre

Impress everyone by going for a style that’s the opposite of what everyone thinks should be like. Start off with a rich auburn at your roots that gradually melts into a golden hue towards the tips. Indeed, the style is quite catchy so it’s a way to steal the spotlight. If you have dark hair you will need to bleach them first but it’s definitely worth.Red Edgy Ombre

This attention grabbing hairstyle features lots of contrast. It requires maintaining your natural dark root and transitioning it into red towards the tips. It’s a great idea for those with a long bob haircut. Whether you decide to keep your hair wavy or straight you will definitely show off the amazing ombre you have. Try it as soon as possible

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