Latest Hair Colors for 2017

With all the crazy Technicolor we have seen on celebrities, brown and blonde seem like common choices. But whether you are looking for upgrading your look or you want to taste all those rainbow shades, it is never late to dive in and dye it. Let your strands shine in lustrous rose gold, sun-kissed highlights, sweet pastels or rusty red. The skilful colorists prefer the latest techniques that provide you with limitless possibilities. I have selected the best hair colors for 2017 that guarantee to give you fresh and trendy look. So check them out to find your next hair makeover inspiration.Latest Hair Colors for 2017Metallic Hair

Leave others speechless and go for a full metallic look. Celebrities have already managed to rock metallic shades, so it’s your turn. This model is rocking blue metal hair that works really well with her fair skin complexion. The best way to bring out the beauty of the shade is to go for big waves. However, other metallic colors look as incredible as this particular metallic hairTortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell or ecaille is a pattern where the chestnut, chocolate brown and gold are being blended into each other to give the strands some vibrancy and movement. The combination of these two shades produces a multidimensional and expensive looking product that is going to be great for any season of the year. This trend works great with almost all skin complexions.tortoiseshell or ecaille hair color for 2017Dark Sea Green

This is the most incredible shade that someone may sport. While everyone is looking for bright pastel shades, go your own way with a dark green hair. Dark green is great for women with pale skin tone with pink undertones. However, if you don’t want to go for full green, consider some other ways to rock it, such as in ombre pattern. Whether you have long or short strands, this hue is going to accessorize them.dark green hairTruffle Brown Hair

This chocolaty truffle shade is too delightful. How it feels like to have a delicious shade straight on your strands? If you want to know it, you should experiment with this brownish shade. The best thing about truffle is that it is easily manageable and doesn’t require regular touchups. It looks as natural as other shades of brown and flatters all skin complexions.truffle brown hairCaramel Blonde

Another sweet color is represented by popular Poppy Delevingne. Her caramel blonde strands look warmer and more natural than platinum blonde. This color is the best way to enhance your hair color or upgrade your platinum blonde shade. If you have light skin and blue eyes like Poppy, prepare yourself for many compliments after having it. Finish the look with carefree and nonchalant locks!    poppy delevigne caramel blonde strands



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