Maroon Hair Colors for 2017

Maroon hair color has become the choice of many women since it provides with the most feminine and attractive look. This shade will definitely bring out the beauty in you and take your look to new heights. The best thing about maroon hair color is that is can be paired with many different colors to provide with even more sophisticated style. You just need a right amount of inspiration to make your final decision. Read on to see the best maroon hair colors for 2017 that I have store for you.Maroon Hair Colors for 2017Ombre Maroon Hair Color

Here the rich maroon hair color is simply irresistible. It entails transitioning from dark roots to a lighter reddish tone to create a trendy ombre pattern. If you have long strands, you can pick up a right hairstyle to accentuate your ombre hair. Consider this Dutch braids hairstyle that is totally in mainstream since it is being chosen by beauty bloggers and fashion trendsetters.Ombre Maroon Hair ColorPurple Highlights on Maroon Hair

The maroon base of this design fascinates with its vibrancy. You will need to find ways to enhance the overall look of this headdress and create a unique look. So, here is how you can do it. Add some soft purple highlights through your tresses to create a face framing design.  Both maroon hair color and purple highlights work really well together to create an adorable look.

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