Playful Hair Color Ideas to Try in Summer 2017

Coloring hair is one of the best ways to switch up your look and to get shinier hair. Though women dye their locks for different reasons but the fact is that they wear a new hair color to look more attractive. As each season requires its hues today we’ll be inspired by the most playful hair color ideas for summer 2017. They are mostly in light and bright combinations that look well with most skin colors summer 2016Light Pastel Hair Colors

The biggest hair coring trend for summer still remains pastel. Women fall in love with their own dolly looks and try out as many pastel shades as possible during the warm summer season. Among the prettiest pastel shades you can find the lovely pink which provides with a soft and cotton candy effect, the glamorous and warm peach with its orange-y shades, mint green, subtle lavender and peaceful light blue.Light Pastel Hair Color blue 2016 All of these hues are possible to get by hair chalks too. But if you want to enjoy your pastel shade for a long time then go for permanent hair dyes. Pastel hues go well with light hair colors and cool complexions.

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