Red Hair Ombre Ideas for 2017

Red ombre design requires at least two colors where the red is the main shade. This ombre is so versatile that you will definitely find your favorite one. It can be worn on all hair lengths. However the choice of colors is up to you. If you are fond of bold shades, consider bright and vibrant red hues paired with unexpected orange. In case if you prefer natural-looking ombre then it will be better to think of darker hues. For some inspo check out below represented red hair ombre ideas for 2017.Red Hair Ombre Ideas for 2017Elegant Red Ombre

This is an elegant ombre design that requires transitioning from dark red to a blonde on the tips. The hair has been styled into a simple ponytail to bring out the beauty of these two tones. The style looks really good when paired with a casual outfit. With bold shades like these you will definitely steal the spotlight, so prepare yourself for many compliments.Elegant Red OmbreBlack Red Ombre

If you u have a medium-length or short bob haircut then this ombre style is definitely for you. It involves transitioning from dark roots to red towards the bottom. The strands are styled into gorgeous waves. Apart from a red ombre pattern, it also has side bangs that help to create a face framing design. So it is a cool way to upgrade your lifeless strands while keeping your look trendy and stylish.Black Red OmbreRed-Black Ombre

The beauty of this braid comes from red and black shades done in a gorgeous ombre design. Well, to replicate this particular style you need to pull your hair back into a high ponytail and secure with a hair band. The contrast created by these two shades makes this hairstyle unique and breathtaking. Therefore, if you want to draw some attention then it is the perfect way to achieve it.Red Black OmbreRed Hair

For brunettes it is quite easy to experiment with this style. It has some dark roots that create a shadowy effect. The dark shade beautifully fades into a red tone covering a larger part of the strands. The warm tone at the tips is given an upgrade with sweet waves. Obviously this ombre style turns your simple bob into a sophisticated headdress that is going to work and Bright Red Ombre

In this particular design the hair on the top sports dark brown tone while the bottom is colored in bright red to mimic sun-kissed strands. Apart from rich color combination the locks also have tons of curls that provide with volume and movement. With this design you will keep attention on you all day long. If you are ready, then what are you waiting for?Dark and Bright Red Ombre



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