Sombre Hair Colors for 2017

2017 sombre hair colors make a fantastic option for ladies who don’t like drastic transition from dark to light. You shouldn’t confuse sombre and ombre designs since there is a big difference between these two dye jobs. Well, the ombre uses dark roots that blend into a lighter shade drastically while the sombre requires a subtle transition between the tones to create a natural appearance. Here are the best examples of sombre hair colors.Sombre Hair Colors for 2017Blonde Balayage Sombre

The texture of the strands in this hairstyle is just perfect and it gives them a very adorable look. You just need to combine this with the lovely freehand painted color pattern that transitions from light brown to soft blonde towards the tips. These shades will create a top notch hairstyle for any modern woman. This is the best way to add extra depth and dimension to your strands.Blonde Balayage SombreCarmel Long Waves

Whether you will decide to go all over caramel or just highlight your strands, this shade will always make your look stunning. You just need to figure out the best technique for you. This hairstyle maintains a dark caramel hue throughout the head, but the strands also have some subtle light brown streaks on the tips. These streaks help to tie the shades together and create soft ombre pattern.

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