Trendy Justin Bieber’s Blonde Hairstyles for 2017

Justin Bieber’s blonde hair is a matter of discussion among many fans. Well, over the years he has really tried many hair color ideas but when it comes to blonde he seems draw a lot of attention. The only fact is that he really looks good with blonde hair and it gives him more hair styling option.Trendy Justin Biebers Blonde Hairstyles for 2016 Nowadays it is pretty common to see men with bleached hair so if you are also blonde then have a glance at trendy Justin Bieber’s magical blonde hairstyles for 2017 and discover new ways of styling your locks.

Justin Bieber: Platinum Blonde

The choice of shade is this headdress is really delicate because platinum blonde is not only unique but also very elegant and classy. He enhances the shade with tapered sides and a creative movement of his short bangs to the back and sides from a soft part. This style will make any man look more distinguished.

Justin Bieber Platinum Blonde

Justin Bieber Platinum Blonde

Justin Bieber: Messy Bleach Blonde

Here, the bleached job is more visible than dye issue and it seems work for him well. The color wouldn’t look so impressive without messy touch which adds some detail to the overall appearance. Justin Bieber perfectly mimics bad boy’s look. Everyone can copy this effortless and carefree hairstyle.

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