Gorgeous Spiral Curls Hairstyles

Well, it is not necessary to visit hair salon to get perfect spiral curls. That’s true, some of females are graced with natural curly texture, but those who are not, also may experiment with luscious curls. It is possible to get them with the help of curling iron and some other techniques. However it is easier to make hair curly, since straightening takes more time and effort. You can rock spiral curls for a casual look or add some polish touch to an elegant style for formal occasions. Now go on reading to see some inspiring gorgeous models with incredible spiral curls.Gorgeous Spiral Curls HairstylesHow to get Spiral Curls

You will need to wash your hair and comb it to eliminate the fuzz. Apply some styling gel to your damp hair. Begin at the roots and run to the ends of the strands. Use hairdryer to dry the strands. Next step is to use a diffuser attachment for curly locks. Take some portion of the strands and put it into the diffuser. After repeating this action with the rest of hair, apply hairspray lightly all over your head to set the curls. Note: the smaller the barrel of the curling iron, the tighter the spirals.cool spiral curlsMessy Spirals

After getting spirals you can style them the way you want. Create gorgeous half up half down hairstyle or just sweep them aside. This particular headdress requires creating medium spirals and making them messy with the help of fingers. Apart from gorgeous spirals the hair also uses beach blonde shade that helps to increase the look of the strands.
Messy SpiralsShort Spiral Waves

Spirals look sumptuous on any hair type and length. This model is wearing short spiral- curly hairstyle that creates a beautiful face framing design. Some strands falling on the forehead add a flattering touch to the look. It is an effortless hairstyle that will make your look super trendy and eye-catching. However you can also switch up the hair color and embrace your natural texture.Short Spiral WavesHighlighted Spirals

Spiral- curly hairstyles are going to be one of the most requested hairstyle in 2017 too, since beauty-bloggers appearing with spiffy spirals inspire all their followers. One thing is more than clear, spirals look better with highlights and lowlights. This model is rocking a voluminous headdress with trendy highlights and lowlights. You don’t really need anything else to upgrade your look.Highlighted SpiralsLong Spiral Curls

I have already mentioned that you are free to choose the size of the spirals. It mainly depends on the barrel of the iron you are using. This model is wearing big spirals that give her a sophisticated look. However you can wear this hairdo wherever you want.  With this hairstyle you will never go wrong!    Long Spiral Curls



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