Hairstyles for EMO Girls for 2017

Actually EMO image has always been associated with loneliness and melancholy. The members of this group are overly sensitive and emotional and their feelings are being expressed with the help of their looks. Everyone can recognize them by their hairstyles and outfits. 2017 hairstyles for EMO girls are not just about black layered cuts. They also can be pretty creative and modern with unexpected hair colors. Nowadays we can see EMO girls with pink, purple, yellow and other hairstyles that look no less cool. Read on to find the best option for you, even if you do not consider yourself an EMO.   Hairstyles for EMO Girls for 2017Light Pink Waves

Well, this sombre hair is so cute. Here it starts from hot to light pink on the roots and finishes in white on the tips of the strands. With medium-length and long hair you can choose almost any color to achieve a stunning look. You don’t need to use heating tools to create these waves since lighter strands require lots of care and attention to stay healthy. Just tie your hair in a tight bun before going to bed and you will wake up with amazing carefree waves.Yellow Pigtail Buns and Braids

Most EMO hairstyles have an unexpected color and unique twist. The brightness of this yellow gives this headdress a futuristic look.  Feel free to experiment with new hairstyles that are super effortless yet creative. When it comes to this headdress, you will need to try bun, braids and waves. Yellow hair color gives it an extra pop.

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