Bold Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

There are some women who love to think out of the box and try out different short and long hairstyles. Well, bold hairstyles involve various edgy patterns such as undercuts, fades and etc. However if you have a soft heart then you should stay far from these headdresses. Have you ever thought why people prefer to wear such statement hairstyles? This is because they want to express themselves exactly with the help of a bold haircut or hairstyle. If you are also looking for such styles, here you will find some crazy hairstyles for 2017. Bold Hairstyle Ideas for 2017Buzz Haircut for Women

If you have thought that buzz is only for guys, then it is the highest moment to change your opinion about it. However buzz is not for all women since this cut requires perfect face shapes and bone structure otherwise it will bring out your flaws. It looks exceptionally gorgeous on oval and round faces. Buzz draws all attention to your eyes and bone structure.Buzz Haircut for WomenShort Haircut with Hard Part

This bold haircut is popular among afro women. It entails creating a razor side part and leaving some curly strands on the top. This haircut is also meant to bring out the beauty of your face features. Now you don’t have to hide your natural kinky texture, since it may provide you bold yet ultra-feminine look. Short Haircut with Hard PartAsymmetric Haircut

Asymmetric haircuts are still in demand. The appearance of your asymmetric cut is based on your preferences. Most women prefer to have asymmetric sides while other love asymmetric bangs.  Well, here you can see that the front hair sections have different lengths which provide a cool asymmetric look. Apart from the cut, the strands also have blue, purple and grey streaks.Asymmetric HaircutSide Shaved Haircut

Probably shaving the side of the head is the best way to go bold. In this particular style you can see that the part of the head is shaved while the rest of strands are swept to the side to create a mind-blowing hairstyle. The strands have an excellent honey blonde shade that brings out the skin complexion and eye color.Side Shaved HaircutUpdo with Razor Patterns

Women’s latest hairstyle trends involve razor patterns that are just amazing. Razor patterns can be done on any part of the head although the most popular place is the nape of the neck. The strands have been styled up and secured into an updo. This upstyle allows the patterns pop up while making the design even more interesting. Note that updo looks beautiful in a messy pattern.    



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