Best Street Style Hair Trends From Coachella 2017

box braids 2017Bohemian Hairstyles

One of my favorite styles is having its moment at the Coachella 2017. It’s the boho style with carefree and ravishing hairstyles such as loose waves with baby braids or accessories. Each can style her hair in the best bohemian hairstyles adding some vintage effects and accessories. Just keep in mind that if you want to get a fully boho look you should go ahead with bohemian outfits, which are generally very free and convenient for any event and party.bohemian hairstyles 2017Hat Hairstyles

The majority of girls were rocking hat hairstyles for this cool event. Here are some of the next examples of hat hairstyles to consider in 2017. Whatever you choose you can always wear hats with downdo hairstyles. It goes without saying that the hottest hat hairstyles are the ones combined with classy and elegant Fedora hats. If you want to stand out with your glamorous style then go ahead with one of these styles this summer.hat hairstyles 2017Bandana Hairstyles

Another popular hair accessory for 2017 is the bandana. It’s here to stay for a long time as many girls want to try its varieties with cool hairstyles. You can match it with half-updo hairstyles, loose waves, low buns and many other easy-to-do hairstyles. When choosing a bandana pay attention to its colors and try to pair them with your outfits, skin tone, hair color as well as makeup.bandana hairstyle 2017

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