Bold Hair Tattoos for Females

The latest hair trends are all about bold undercuts and hair tattoos. Instagram is full off ladies who demonstrate their bold hair designs. This trend is for those who love to bring something new and different. It goes without saying that the rockers of this hair trend stand out in the crowd. These intriguing haircuts look even more stunning with the use of various hair colors. The best thing about it is that you can pull it off in various ways. The trendiest hair tattoos are being done on the nape of the neck. Check out these pictures and get inspired from!Bold Hair Tattoo for FemalesBraided Mohawk with Hair Tattoo

This particular headdress comes from a combination of blue-grey hair that falls to the waist and includes color and beads. The overall look has been enhanced with the help of a floral hair tattoo that make it impossible not to fall in love with this style. However you can pick up your favorite tattoo design, it can be geometrical patterns, stars, flowers and etc.Braided Mohawk with Hair TattooCreative Hair Tattoo with Rose Gold Hair

Here we can see a hairstyle that has a buzzed side which can be covered with the help of hair. In order to show her creative hair tattoo, the wearer created a side fishtail braid that starts from the crown and runs toward the nape of the neck. Apart from the design, the rose gold hair is also irresistible. Everything about this style is super trendy and stylish. This headdress will definitely help you make a bold statement.

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