Wet-Look Hairstyles for 2017

Using hair gel or wax in the right way is the best idea to get a stylish wet-look hairstyle. The wet-look hairstyles are generally chosen for special occasions and are considered as elegant hairdos. There are wet-look loose hairstyles as well as updo hairstyles among which you can choose the most appealing ones for your hair. In this case you should pay attention to your hair type and hair length to get the wanted result. So, check out these sleek wet-look hairstyles for 2017.wet look hairstyle ideas 2016Long Wet-Look Middle Part Hairstyle

Middle part and wet-look combo gifts you a super trendy look. This is perhaps the most delicate wet-look hairstyle that can be achieved on long hair. You can just apply a hair gel on your top part hair and after center parting it comb smoothly.wet look middle part hairstyle 2016Wet-Look Retro Hairstyle

It’s quite unique to have vintage finger waves in wet-look styles. All you need is just getting the shape of finger waves on your locks with hair wax. You can make your bangs and some part of your hair wavy and rock a bold makeup with it.wet look retro hairstyle 2016Sleek Wet Look Long Hairstyle

Long backcombed sleek hairstyle is too easy to achieve only with hair gel or hair wax. Just apply a huge amount of hair gel on your top part hair and comb it back. That’s it!wet look long hair 2016Wet-Look Messy Updo Hairstyle

Do you want to draw attention with your crazy hairstyle? Go for a wet look messy updo. With the help of this hairdo you will bring out your facial features. So, combine it with a subtle makeup.wet look messy bun 2016Wet-Look Short Hair

Be it a bob or a pixie haircut you are welcome to make it sleek and elegant by the wet-look effect. Comb your freshly washed hair closer to your scalp and apply hair wax. This will provide your hair with a high shine and flashy look.wet look short bob hairstyle 2016Wet-Look Retro Updo

To achieve a super retro updo hairstyle with a modern touch you can go for this cool updo. As you see the hairstylist has focused on the front part hair to give it a wavy and glamorous look with hair gel. Then match your hairdo with a retro makeup and you are done with your fashionable look.Jason Wu Spring 2013 RTWThese are just some part of wet-look hairdos but there are thousands of hair styling ideas to mix with wet-look effects. Using your own imagination you can have an original festive hairstyle.

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