2016 Caramel Highlights for Long Hair

Hair highlights are the simplest ways to add charm and attractiveness to you hairstyle. If you haven’t dyed your hair yet you may start with caramel highlights for long hair in 2016. They will immediately transform your dull hairstyle into a fabulous one. You will like the result because caramel highlights best work with long hairstyles and go almost with all complexions.

Caramel Highlights for Long Brunette Haircaramel highlights on brown hairIf you have dark hair such as brown or chestnut and want to add a subtle touch to it as well as to warm up your complexion then caramel highlights are for you. They create a gorgeous effect on long hair and are fashionable too.

Caramel Highlights for Long Blonde Haircaramel highlights on blonde 2016If you have long blonde hair and want to try caramel highlights on it then you should choose light caramel shades. This will bring either a bronzy or a brown effect on your hair that will make your hair look fuller and will add some dimension.

Caramel Highlights on Dark Red Long Haircaramel highlights on red hair 2016Burgundy or mahogany red hair colors that are quite dark will look a bit light if you add caramel highlights to it. The result is best seen on long straight hairstyles. You just need to go for thin highlights as chunky highlights may ruin your hairstyle.

Caramel Highlights on Ginger Long Haircaramel highlights on light red hair 2016Ginger is a natural red hair color that has a sun-kissed effect in it. Combined with caramel highlights it will look richer and deeper. You will have a fascinating hairstyle in warm shades.

Caramel Highlights on Long Curly Hairstylecaramel highlights on curly hairstyleIf you have a long curly hairstyle you may like to change its luxurious look into a more sophisticated one. Here golden caramel highlights will create an incredible hairstyle for you to rock in 2016. They bring out your natural shade as well as add a stunning shine to it. Your curls will be as glossy as you have always wanted.

Caramel highlights are easy to achieve at home but if you are not sure of yourself then you’d better refer to a hair colorist who best knows what shades to take for your hair. After dying your hair don’t forget about regular touch ups and hair color protecting products. Use them each time you wash your hair and keep your locks always healthy and shiny. We wish you a gorgeous hairstyle with caramel highlights in 2016.



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