2017 Lowlights and Highlights for Light Brown Hair

Actually the standard highlights should be two tones lighter than your natural strands while the lowlights are two tones darker. The choice of lowlights and highlights is not so easy since there are various options to choose from. To place the highlights and lowlights throughout your strands the colorist uses either traditional foil technique or balayage method.  If the shades are right chosen, then you can be sure of having a head turning hairdo. The best part about highlights and lowlight is that they can turn even a simple hairdo into something sophisticated. There are highlights/lowlights for all hair colors and types but today I have selected the best lowlights and highlights for light brown hair for 2017. 2017 Lowlights and Highlights for Light Brown HairOmbre Highlights

Indeed it is an incredible look that will definitely inspire you to grow your hair out. These strands would have a simple look without gorgeous highlights of caramel and sandy tones that start from mid-part and melt towards the tips of the strands for a unique highlighted ombre style. Some structural waves come in handy to showcase the beauty of the strands.Ombre HighlightsBrown Lowlights

In this design the partial highlights have been professionally placed through the top layer of the strands. The darker hair creates a gorgeous look with the lighter strands and gives a sassy touch to the style. The colors are worn on a chic bob haircut that makes the wearer stand out. However these lowlights can be the best option to spice up your look.Brown LowlightsChunky Highlights

What about chunky highlights? If you like contrasting looks then you shouldn’t ignore these highlights. Lowlights tend to add lots of dimension to your strands particularly when you loosely curl the locks. Want some good idea? Well, combine several gorgeous shades of brown with honey blonde chunks and the result will definitely be a new unique and head-turning look.Chunky HighlightsAsh Brown with Light Brown Highlights

The ashy tones of this style are just irresistible. The combination of caramel and ashy hues will help you add extra dimension and depth to your strands. The thin blonde highlights make it super trendy and stylish. To keep the modern touch of the style, go for choppy bob with face framing bangs. This chic look will definitely work for every occasion, so feel free to wear it wherever you want.Ash Brown with Light Brown HighlightsBrown Hair with Lowlights and Highlights

Highlights are the easiest way to freshen up your look. The type of highlight is pretty important, since even thin highlights may drastically change your look. However this particular style is not about drastic changes but it guarantees a super natural-looking appearance. So you are going to have a stylish look without requiring too much care or maintenance.Brown Hair with Lowlights and Highlights



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