Hair Highlights for 2017

Highlights can drastically differ. There are various types of hair highlights such as chunky, ribbon, sun-kissed, babylights etc. You just need to find a skilful colorist to place them on to your head. Hair highlights upgrade the overall look of dull and monotone hair and provide the wearer a silky effect. The choice of highlights depends on your preferences, since you can opt for contrasting colors or wear something close to your natural hair. However hair highlights can beautifully frame your face. If you don’t know what kind of highlights to choose, this post may help because I have listed the best hair highlights for 2017.Hair Highlights for 2017Ribbon Hair Highlights

Those who have natural wavy hair should definitely opt for ribbon highlights since they are the biggest trend of the season. Ribbon highlights spiral down the hair with streaks of color. The choice of color is up to you and you can even apply pastels. If you like natural-looking highlights then consider gold woven into your light brown hair. It is the best way to accessorize your waves.Ribbon Hair HighlightsLowlights

The blend of brown highlights and lowlights will create a gorgeous contrast and provide you extra dimension and volume. These shades are meant to brighten up your look and give your locks some texture. This is one of the best ways to enhance your appearance and add a lovely touch to your style. However, lowlight are still in trend, so feel free to sort them.

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