Oil Slick Hair Trend for 2017

This hair trend came to stay! Oil slick hair has already hit Instagram. It is a style for lovely brunettes. Hey, brunette babes you don’t have to feel jealousy anymore because of seeing blondes rocking pastel rainbow hair colors.The oil slicked trend has been created by a smart Hollywood stars’ hair colorist Aura Friedman.Oil Slick Hair Trend for 2017 She could combine oil and water and the result happened to be a perfect oil slick trend. Many brunettes are pretty excited about this trend because finally they can embrace their texture with the coolest rainbow shades. Want to know more about this hair technique? Then go on reading our article about oil slick hair trend for 2017 and everything will be clear.

It is not a secret that bleaching is not good for anyone’s hair. Now a lot of brunettes are informed enough to understand that they cannot get a bleach blonde in one sitting at the salon. It takes not only much time but also a lot of efforts. Compared to bleaching oil slick technique is much easier than you could imagine. It is possible to get your favorite vibrant shades within hours. Isn’t it great for you, dear brunettes? Less effort, less time, less money and great effect! This is what oil slick technique promises you.

oil slick hair for 2017

oil slick hair for 2017

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