Chic Layered Hairstyles for Short Hair for 2017

Modern hair trends are all about layered haircuts. They are super modern and stylish when done right. Actually you need to consult with your colorist to know whether layers are good for your facial features or not. For example, layered pixie haircuts look flattering on heart, oval and square face shapes. Bolder or asymmetrical short layered cuts are incredible for women with oval-shaped faces. For those with long face shapes it will be a bit hard to pull off short layers, instead they can go for long layered haircuts. By the way there are various haircuts for short layered hair for 2017. Some of them are represented below.Chic Layered Hairstyles for Short Hair for 2017Edgy Short Haircut

A haircut like this is possible to see on rock stars. So get ready to rock it too! Note that the layers are a bit longer in this style so it can bring out the beauty of your narrower face shapes. This is one of the best hairstyles to frame your face and accentuate only the best of your features. It is a super simple yet chic hairstyle that is worth to try out in 2017 as well.Edgy Short HaircutTextured Short Haircut with Layers

Here is another layered haircut that works great when you are planning to accentuate several aspects about your look. First of all, chopped off bangs are perfect if you have well-groomed eyebrows. The tapered cut frames the entire face making it a great base for stunning makeup look. Everything about this design is super chic so consider this option too.Textured Short Haircut with LayersVoluminous Short Layered Haircut

This is an amazing sample of a layered haircut for short hair. It is not a secret that layers provide with extra volume. Volume is incredible to make your hair sexy and edgy plus it is an excellent base to play around with different colors. Be that natural or unnatural shade, it can be perfectly matched with this simple style! Let’s see whether you will cannel your inner mermaid or prefer to stay natural like always.Voluminous Short Layered HaircutShort Layered Haircut

This silver-grey layered hairstyle will keep you in the clouds. The wispy curls falling around the face, remind us of a beautiful cloud. Both the color and the cut look incredible and give a realistic feel in an everyday hair look. Anyway the short layers provide with a right amount of volume to complete the overall style.Short Layered HaircutAsymmetrical Layered Haircut

This is a simple hairstyle with a slightly asymmetrical side. The visible difference between hair lengths gives some interest to the style. The perfect balance between red and black highlights makes this particular look both lovely and edgy. It is a magnificent headdress to go with!Asymmetrical Layered Haircut



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