Low Maintenance Haircuts for 2017

If you are run out of time and you are not ready to spend your precious time on styling your strands, choosing a low maintenance haircut is going to be fantastic. Some cuts are so effective since they require simply washing and going out. Everyone wants to look good and a low maintenance haircut is the key. It is a lot easier to work with such haircuts. Have a look at these low maintenance haircuts for 2017 and get inspired from.Low Maintenance Haircuts for 2017Low Maintenance Haircuts for 2017

Lob Haircut

The lob is always in style. The lob or long bob haircut allows you to pull off various hairdos. Actually it is a shorter do but it still has enough length to provide a cool hairstyle. Perhaps the best way to experiment with this shade is to have it blunt across the bottom. Ask your stylist to add some movement in the ends. That way it will look better whether it is air dried or pin straight. Modern lob is the best cut for a busy woman.Lob HaircutLong Layers

It doesn’t matter what length you like to have, the lowest maintenance style will always come in handy to add some movement. Shorter layers require appropriate styling otherwise they don’t look good while long layers are there to create extra movement and volume at the tips of the hair where we all need. Ask your stylist to cut some long layers that are just ideal for thick hair.Long LayersBlunt Bob

Women with fine hair should consider going for a blunt cut that is super low-maintenance. Fine hair owners always look for fullness, so blunt cut is the best way to create an illusion of thickness and fullness. The best thing about fine hair is that it doesn’t tend to be as frizzy as thicker hair and all requires is just a quick blow dry and some styling products.Blunt BobPixie Haircut

Short haircuts are low-maintenance and help tame unruly strands. This particular option looks great for women who have natural waves. The best part about short hairstyles is that you don’t have to hold that hair dryer for too long. In this case you just need to use some hair styling cream to complete your look.wavy Pixie HaircutShag Haircut

Shag haircuts are everywhere- street, red carpet, catwalks. Shaggy haircuts are all about layers. You just need to find a good hairstylist that will be professional enough to provide modern shag otherwise it will look outdated. Those with thicker hair type should consider using hair controlling products to keep flyaways. Shaggy haircuts tend to look disheveled but that’s what we love about these cuts.Shag Haircut



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