Incredible Men’s Quiff Hairstyles

Nowadays men’s haircuts are able to grab a potion of spotlight. The quiff cut is one of them and can be styled in various ways. The quiff combines the elements of the pompadour, flat top Mohawk and etc. The best thing about the quiff is that it has an ability to look neat and polish although the messy styling is also incredible. If you want to switch up your haircut and try something unique, the following pictures will serve as a good inspiration for you. Have a look and find you next makeover inspiration among these looks.Incredible Mens Quiff HairstylesHigh Pompadour Quiff

There is something retro about pompadour hairstyles and when you combine them with the quiff the result is going to be just amazing. This particular style features a high pompadour that is given a boost and gently combed back. The light brown shade brings out the beauty of the complexions and gives and extra pop to the strands. Note that this design looks better with a deep side part.High Pompadour QuiffDark Blonde Quiff

Is it really true that blondes are having more fun than the brunettes? Well, if it is really so, then this modern quiff hairstyle is at the top of the list. This design has all the elements to grab attention and turn heads.  Blonde shade flatters the wearer’s skin complexion and makes blue eyes spark. This quiff headdress is good to pair with just grown out stubble beard.Dark Blonde QuiffTextured Quiff Hair

Men with thick hair type will definitely achieve a magnificent quiff headdress. Below you can see a gorgeous quiff hairdo for thick hair. It brings out the amazing texture of the strands. Well, apart from the cut you will also need to use some hair products to get it in a right way. This headdress can be worn both casually and formally, so feel free to rock it wherever you want.Textured Quiff HairVoluminous Quiff Hairstyle

The quiff hairstyle is super effortless when you have longer hair length. This is a typical hipster hairdo that requires trimming the sides short and keeping the hair long enough to create an up style. You can get this voluminous quiff style with the help of hair products and blow dryer. The beard and moustache make the look even hotter.Voluminous Quiff HairstyleGray Quiff Style

Well, men’s quiff hairstyles can really have a sexy and mind-blowing look and this particular style is the best example. Perhaps without a sophisticated color this quiff would have a simple look. It involves some grey shade with a hint of purple. The sides are closely clipped and the front has been messed up to give a carefree touch to the style.Gray Quiff Style



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