Men’s Classic Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League haircut is also known by Harvard Clip or Princeton names. In spite of the fact that it was given many names Ivy League is simply overgrown crew cut. This cut is not new at all but it was always associated with “gentleman”, although nowadays everyone can wear it.Classic Ivy League Haircut This haircut can be designed in a countless ways and that has led to the different variations of it. If you have decided to opt for a new haircut then the Ivy League haircut is the best option for you, just go on reading to find out the most classic Ivy League Haircut.  

Classic Ivy League

This style is probably the earliest version of the Ivy League and it is the most common of all variations. It involves equally trimmed hair that has the same length all over the head. Hair is short but it has enough length to be swept to the side or to be styled into very short curls. Classic Ivy League haircut is perfect for men who have round face shapes.

Ivy League haircut

Ivy League haircut

Smart Cut

It is called smart cut because it is preferred by smart guys who steal the show with their appearance. Most of guys don’t know that the main thing that gives them a smart look is a right chosen hairstyle. In this haircut the top is long while the sides and back are shaved short. In this case we can say that traditional Ivy League is spiced up with modern twists to make men stand out.

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