Men’s Street Style 2017: Best Hairstyles

medium blonde hair men 2017Classy Hard Part Hairstyle for Men

One of the classiest hairstyles for men is the sleek hard part. It is achieved on straight and thick hair and looks very neat especially with suits and other elegant outfits. You may go for this style is you are a businessmen or a boss who needs to look powerful and more masculine. Your look will be very neat and posh.classic hard part hairstyle for men 2017Dreadlocks for Men

Inspired by the Afro hair trends men choose dreadlocks in 2017 as their main hairstyle. This is something very edgy and eye-grabbing. Men love this hairstyle as it’s cozy and requires little maintenance. However, not everyone can go for dreadlocks. You must have at least medium-length hair to add these extensions or style dreads yourself. Consult with a hair stylist to get the desired result.dreadlocks hairstyle for men 2017Undercuts with Beards for Men

Create a super stunning contrast with the help of undercuts and beards. This combo is very popular and masculine. The top and side parts of hair are very neat and polished while beards highlight the manly side of the owner. Such styles are trendy in 2017 and they are known as the hottest hairstyle and beard combinations for men.undercut with beards for men 2017

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