Ten Men’s Hairstyles 2017

Top 10 men’s hairstyles 2017 is ready for your inspiration. Images are taken from the latest fashion shows so make sure you take a closer look at these examples and find your favorites.

Ten Men's Hairstyles 2015

One of the most frequently seen image of this season is short side swept male hairstyle. This elegant and polished style looks perfect on any hair texture and face shape. Sleek hair can be slicked to one side and fixed with hair gel while textured wavy hair can be left a bit messy for more effortless look.

Next popular trend of 2015 is undercut. This style has two variations; it can be either classy undercut with short hair on sides and back and graduated longer layers at the top or dramatic hairstyle with shaved back and long top layers. Both designs can be styled in different ways.

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