2016 Catwalk Braided Hairstyles

Stylish ladies usually copy the hairstyles that hairdressers experiment on models’ hair. These are always the latest trends that become so popular among celebrities. Let’s have a look at some trendy catwalk braided hairstyles for 2016.  I have collected the most beautiful plaits that we have seen during the recent fashion shows.runway braided hairstyles 2016Milkmaid Braid Updo Hairstyle

If you do some research among the most elegant updo hairstyles you will surely meet the lovely milkmaid braid. It is also called halo or Dutch braid hairstyle and has a very ravishing structure. This hairdo keeps your hair out of the face and highlights your cuteness. As fashionable braided updo hairstyle you can wear it for wedding parties or for other special events.

2016 Trendy Hair Colors for Black Women

When it comes to hairstyles or hair colors for black women I do my best to provide you with the most fashionable and beautiful options. Since it’s not so easy to find the best hair color for your dark skin you should look for as many hair color ideas as possible to find your shade. Here I have collected the trendiest hair colors for black women for 2016. If you want to change your current shade then keep on reading.hair colors for black women 2016Dirty Blonde Hair Color for Black Women

The most required shade among black women still remains the lovely dirty blonde because it goes with dark complexions and highlights dark eyes. This hair color tends to lighten up your complexion and to create a well-balanced look. Take examples from black celebrities who often go the dirty blonde hair color to enhance their prettiness.

6 Chic Hairstyles for Winter 2016

The season of warm clothes, knotted scarves and hats is here and declares us its rules. We try to change our look with the season and all we choose depends on the latest trends. You may like to discover new chic hairstyles for winter 2016 and I hope these 6 trendy hairstyles will help you find your style for the cold weather.hairstyles for winter 2016Loose Updo Hairstyle

Since the chilly and fresh wind sometimes ruins our hairstyles we don’t need to go for super perfect hairdo. Messy and loose updos are great for winter. They keep our ears warm and look very attractive. You can fix your loose updo hairstyle with bobby pins and hair spray.

Braided Bangs Hairstyles to Try in 2016

Braiding bangs is a stylish idea in the fashion world. Instead of cutting grown out bangs off you can just beautify them with different braids. Let’s discover the prettiness of your bangs in braided hairstyles right here. Find out as many braiding ideas as possible in this guide of braided bangs hairstyles for 2016. I am sure you will like many of the creative braided styles collected here.braided bang hairstyles for 2016Twisted Bangs Hairstyle

I would like to start with the simplest braided bang hairstyle. Though this is not a pure braid itself but it has the same effect as braided hairstyles. So, even if you don’t have hair braiding skills you are welcome to rock twisted bangs taking examples from fashionable models.

2016 Short Casual Hairstyles

In the majority of cases when we hear about casual hairstyles we image either a messy bun or a comfy ponytail hairstyle. But what if we have short hair? There are special styles for short pixie and bob haircuts as well and today I will represent you the hottest short casual hairstyles for 2016. They are sassy and very cute for any short-haired lady.short casual hairstyles for 2016Short Bob with Beach Waves

Beach waves are the easiest wavy hairstyles for ant haircut. They are achieved by several ways but I will offer you the simplest one. Go for a braided style on your short hair the way you like and undone the braid as soon as it’s done with the desired wavy style.

7 Cute Curly Hairstyle Ideas to Try in 2016

For a moment forget all your straight and sleek hairstyles and try to rock these 7 trendy curly hairstyles in 2016. The versatility of curly hairstyle gives you the opportunity to wear various stunning looks but the examples collected below are the latest stylish hairdos for you. So, let’s discuss them together.trendy curly hairstyles for 2016Cool Bunchy Curls the volume that bouncy curls provide your hair is incredibly beautiful. It is the desired style you need to be so eye-catching. One of the coolest curly hairstyles out there is the bouncy curly hairstyle. You can wear it on your bedhead hair when it’s messy and needs to be taken under control. So, curl the ends and keep the top part as voluminous as possible. Then fix the look with hair spray.

6 Formal Updo Hairstyles to Try in 2016

When you look for updo hairstyles on the internet you meet zillions of beautiful options. But what I have found for you are the most amazing ideas to choose for the upcoming parties. Here are 6 formal updo hairstyles for 2016. Check them out and be inspired.prom updo hairstyles for 2016Multiple Braids Updo Hairstyle

There is something very sophisticated in this cool updo hairstyle. It is a low bun hairstyle with several plaits which make its simple look rather luxurious. It is classy and very elegant. You can achieve it on medium or long haircuts. Since braided hairstyles are very versatile you can pick any plait you like. It can be simple, fishtail or rope.

Asian Hairstyle Inspiration for Women 2016

Ladies who seek for a new inspiration for their hairstyle may consider trendy Asian hairstyles for 2016. They are very popular and many women all over the world copy these styles. There is akin dos softness and sophistication in Asian hairstyles that tend to highlight your femininity. So, choose one of these styles to change your look into a ravishing one.asian hairstyles for women 2016Long Layered Wavy Hairstyle

Long waves are always in thing. The thig is whether you style them properly or not. Asian women know the secret of highlighting their charming, long luscious hairstyle. They go for layered cuts and for loose or relaxed waves. You can get different wavy hairstyles but keep in mind that the looser your waves the softer your hairstyle. Those who have fine hair can teste the crown part. Subtle waves will frame your face beautifully. If you think of matching bangs then choose long side bangs and make them wavy too.

Latest Grey Hair Colors for 2016

There are many shades of grey. Some are light and some are dark. The grey hair colors represented here are the latest gray shades for 2016. Discover the beauty of granny hair for you. Check out the stunning and shiniest silver hair colors right here and while many cover their grey you are reasonable choosing the best gray hue for you.grey hair color 2016Light Grey Hair Color

The subtle light gray is the lightest hair color that you can see in the fashion world. It is closer to platinum blonde shades and goes with light complexions. This hair color is perfect with light eyes but it can sometimes create a sophisticated contrast with dark eye hues. Before going for a light grey hair color you will need a deep hair bleaching.  

Mohawk Braid Hairstyles for 2016

Mohawk hairstyles are generally achieved on side shaved haircuts. They need longer top part to look so eye-catching bold. However smart hairstylist have found the best way of styling Mohawk hairstyles on medium or long haircuts too. They use different plaiting techniques to achieve the desired effect. Today I will share the best Mohawk braid hairstyles for 2016 with you. They are very creative and flashy.braided mohawk hairstyles 2016Fishtail Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

This luxurious and super trendy party hairstyle is for you to choose for the upcoming special events in 2016. It is great on long luscious hair and loos very striking. You can get it on your fresh-highlighted hair and can make the tips a bit messy for a more attractive effect.