Asian Hairstyle Inspiration for Women 2016

Ladies who seek for a new inspiration for their hairstyle may consider trendy Asian hairstyles for 2016. They are very popular and many women all over the world copy these styles. There is akin dos softness and sophistication in Asian hairstyles that tend to highlight your femininity. So, choose one of these styles to change your look into a ravishing one.asian hairstyles for women 2016Long Layered Wavy Hairstyle

Long waves are always in thing. The thig is whether you style them properly or not. Asian women know the secret of highlighting their charming, long luscious hairstyle. They go for layered cuts and for loose or relaxed waves. You can get different wavy hairstyles but keep in mind that the looser your waves the softer your hairstyle. Those who have fine hair can teste the crown part. Subtle waves will frame your face beautifully. If you think of matching bangs then choose long side bangs and make them wavy too.

Latest Grey Hair Colors for 2016

There are many shades of grey. Some are light and some are dark. The grey hair colors represented here are the latest gray shades for 2016. Discover the beauty of granny hair for you. Check out the stunning and shiniest silver hair colors right here and while many cover their grey you are reasonable choosing the best gray hue for you.grey hair color 2016Light Grey Hair Color

The subtle light gray is the lightest hair color that you can see in the fashion world. It is closer to platinum blonde shades and goes with light complexions. This hair color is perfect with light eyes but it can sometimes create a sophisticated contrast with dark eye hues. Before going for a light grey hair color you will need a deep hair bleaching.  

Mohawk Braid Hairstyles for 2016

Mohawk hairstyles are generally achieved on side shaved haircuts. They need longer top part to look so eye-catching bold. However smart hairstylist have found the best way of styling Mohawk hairstyles on medium or long haircuts too. They use different plaiting techniques to achieve the desired effect. Today I will share the best Mohawk braid hairstyles for 2016 with you. They are very creative and flashy.braided mohawk hairstyles 2016Fishtail Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

This luxurious and super trendy party hairstyle is for you to choose for the upcoming special events in 2016. It is great on long luscious hair and loos very striking. You can get it on your fresh-highlighted hair and can make the tips a bit messy for a more attractive effect.

2016 Hottest Medium Straight Haircuts

Are you thinking of comfy haircut? Perhaps you may like the trendy medium length? It is great for naturally straight hair and gives you many hair styling opportunities. Have a look at this string of the hottest medium straight haircuts for 2016. Make your choice between them and capture many hearts.medium straight haircuts for 2016Medium Layered Straight Haircut

Straight fine hair always needs haircuts which can make it visually fuller and thicker. In this case layers are just in point. Medium layered cuts will help you have a great hairstyle which is easy to style in many other ways too. If you like you can add highlights to these layers to make the structure of your haircut more prominent.

Inspiring Hair Colors with Dark Roots for 2016

Dark roots? Yes, they are trendy in 2016 and are very popular among Hollywood stars. Taking examples form these stylish ladies you can achieve a fashionable hairstyle which will make you stand out from the crowd. So, let’s discuss some inspiring hair colors with dark roots for color ideas with dark roots 2016Granny Hair with Dark Roots

The tendency of wearing different silver hair colors is increasing day by day. Nowadays we are used to see young ladies with granny hair but the most fashionable ones are with dark roots. Dark brown or black roots ideally work with silver shades and make them even more ye-catching. The lightness of granny hair meets the darkness of the roots and gifts you a stunning look.

Bold Slicked Back Hairstyles for Women 2016

There are many simple hairstyles that become trends by the time. One of them is the popular slicked back style. Today it is the most requested hair styling option among classy hairdos. Slicked back hairstyles were mainly male hairdos but as soon as women noticed how beautifully it shows off their facial features they stated to opt for different slicked back hairstyles. So, check out these bold slicked back hairstyles for 2016.slicked back hairstyles 2016Long Slicked Back Hairstyle

Have a look at this unique sleek hairstyle. The hairstylist has used a huge amount of hair wax and gel to achieve this cool effect on the top part. You can leave the rest of your locks dry and either straighten it or make loosely wavy. This is considered as a comfy hairdo for long hair which keeps your strands out of your face.  

Natural Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women 2016

You are a pretty black women who wants to rock her natural hair in more beautiful ways? I am here to offer you the trendiest natural black hairstyles for 2016. There is no need to straighten your hair to look fabulous. There are cool natural hairstyles that are quite fashionable and look very astounding just the way they are. All you need is highlighting this beauty. So, let’s check out these hairstyles.natural black hairstyles 2016Natural Layered Haircut

In spite of the fact that layers are hardly noticeable on curly hair but the effect they gift it is incredible. They change the dull look of your long curls refreshing them and making healthier. You will love the cute structure of your new haircut.

Formal Victorian Hairstyles for 2016

When you want to get a royal look and to stand out from the crowd with your unique look you look not only for fascinating costumes and accessories but also for matching hairstyles. Those who are fond of the medieval style with all its luxury are welcome to discover the best formal Victorian hairstyles for 2016.  modern victorian hairstyles 2016Victorian Curly Half Updo Hairstyle

It goes without saying that this half updo hairstyle is a very eye-catching and luxurious formal hairdo. It grabs attention with its complicated look and is great for long thick hair. The curls and the fishtail braid wrapped around the huge bun create a stunning look along with stylish accessories and loose waves. You may leave some face framing strands out of the updo to get a more feminine and attractive look.

Crimped Hairstyle Ideas for 2016

Consider crimped hairstyles in 2016 as they are going to become the trendiest wavy hairstyles. The various sizes of these waves allow us to choose eth style that best works with the type of our hair. If you have fine hair you can go for thin crimped hairstyle and those who have thick hair may choose chunky crimps. Women who like to rock playful hairstyles will definitely choose trendy crimped hairstyles for 2016. They have much fun than any other hairstyle and give you many hair styling ideas. Let’s see some of them.crimped hairstyles for 2016Crimped Hairstyle in Pastel Hair Colors

This long straight hair is beautified in a subtle pastel blue hair color and with a nice crimped hairdo. The loose waves along with the light blue hair color create an angelic look and give you a dolly appearance. You can go for this hair color if you have light or medium skin tone. It’s easy to achieve thin crimps on long straight hair.

2016 Trendy Boho Hairstyles

Lately we see the influence of the bohemian style everywhere in the world of fashion. Wedding dresses, outfits, accessories and even hairstyles are inspired by this mysterious style. It makes you fall in love with the interesting hair styling solutions which are so easy yet so delightful. Now, I offer you to discover the trendy boho hairstyles for 2016 with me right here.boho hairstyles for 2016Boho Chain Updo Hairstyle

Using chain to beautify your updo is now very trendy. Many use this boho inspired hair accessory to make their simple hairstyles more charming. You can use them both with loose and updo hairstyle and all you need is just wearing it on your around your forehead. This is great choice especially for brides who want to draw attention to their festive hairstyle. A stylish chain can make your hairdo more delicate and feminine.