Hairstyle Ideas from Free People Lookbook 2016

The latest trendy look from Free People were just so fascinating that we have decided to inspire you with the cool and relaxed hairstyle taken from 2016 Free People Lookbook. These are so simple and sophisticated hairstyles that you can achieve by yourself. Pay special attention to the accessories which beautify each hairdo and highlights its shades. The majority of hairstyles are created with the help of floral and colorful scarves used as headbands.Hairstyle Ideas from Free People Lookbook 2016Low Blonde Ponytail Hairstyle

Long, straight blonde hair is very subtle and feminine. It never loses its beauty in loose updo hairstyles. In order to keep front strands out of the face you may need to go for a fashionable updo hairstyle. What about this low ponytail? It is not only comfy but is also very pretty thanks to the playful scarf wrapped around it. Nowadays many women use their scarves as hair styling accessories. Do the same to bring out your ravishing blonde hair color. If it’s red or brunette then go for lighter scarves to showcase your dark shade.

2016 Pretty Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Inverted bob haircuts generally stand out from the rest of bob styles that you can see in the fashion world. They are very fascinating in their structures and look so beautiful. Those who have decided to change their haircut radically may consider inverted bob haircuts. Here are collected the latest pretty inverted bob hairstyles for 2016. Have a look at them and be inspired.inverted bob haircuts 2016Short Inverted Bob Haircut

Short haircuts are very popular in 2016. They are lovely in their stunning styles. As for the short inverted bob it’s a great haircut for fine hair. Short layered cuts on the back will gift the desired volume and thickness. If you have thick hair then your short inverted bob will be more voluminous and eye-catching.

Easy To Do Updo Hairstyles 2016

There are many girls who spend less time on hair styling but look so pretty. You might be one of these lazy girls who need hair styling inspiration for this year. We will help you find out the best easy to do updo hairstyles for 2016. Each of them will take you 5 minutes and you’ll love the way they are reflected on your hair. So, be ready for stunning looks with simple hairstyles.easy hairstyles for 2016Side Braid Hairstyle

A long side braid hairstyle is a very beautiful casual hairstyle. You can combine it with volumzed top part to have a more attractive effect. Pick you favorite braided hairstyles and rock different side braids on casual days. Braided hairstyles are great for messy, unruly and second day hair. Try to learn as many plaits as possible for 2016 because braided hairstyles are really in thing.

2016 Bohemian Wavy Hairstyles

The bohemian style is so alluring thanks to its subtleness. There are many styles in the fashion world but the lovely bohemian style is the favorite one for elegant women. They find it very simple and sophisticated at the same time. If you are looking for some boho inspiration in your life then check out these stunning bohemian wavy hairstyles for 2016. You will fall in love with some of them.boho waves hairstyles 2016Long Bohemian Waves

Generally boho waves are perfect on long hair and the majority of bohemian hairstyles are create don long tresses. Those who have long locks can rock this hairstyle on casual days and for evening parties. It is easy to archive with simple tricks and is a cute hairstyle for young ladies.

Elegant Hairstyles for Short Hair 2016

When it comes to short hair I do my best to provide you with the most fashionable hair styling solutions as it’s not so easy to find cool hairdos for short cuts. In this post I have collected the recent elegant short hairstyles for 2016. Check them out and be inspired for 2016. These hairstyle swill come to beautify your short haircut for various formal occasions as well as for casual days.short elegant hairstyles 2016Short Elegant Headband Hairstyle

Adding the touch of elegance with headband is the easiest thing you can do. All you need is a stylish headband which suits your haircut. It can give you several hair styling ideas from down and loose hairstyles to updos. So, you can create the desired romantic hairdo for an evening party or for your date night.

2016 Best Hairstyle Ideas for Round Faces

Generally it’s not an easy task to pick a nice haircut for a round face. One who has such face structure should be sure in her choice. The most important thing in this style is that you should opt for a haircut which makes your face look longer and brings closer to oval shapes. I hope this collection of best hairstyles for round faces for 2016 will help you find the most flattering and beautiful hairstyle for your face.

hairstyles for round faces 2016High Volume Pixie Haircut for Round Faces

One of the trendiest haircuts for the moment is the pixie. Though you may look for many options to find the most suitable pixie hairstyle for your round face but if you really want this haircut then consider several important factors before cutting your hair of. First of all pixie haircuts tend to showcase your face shape clearly. In order to avoid this you need to go for a high volume pixie haircut with short side swept bangs. So, consult with your hairstylist if the thing is about short pixies.

Hot Layered Haircut Ideas to Try in 2016

Layered haircuts are on the list of trendy hairstyles that will never leave our world of fashion. They are great for any length and type of hair. This article will give you new ideas on how to style hair with layered cuts. Check out these hot layered haircuts for 2016 and find your style.layered haircuts for 2016Short Layered Bob Haircut

Women who have fine hair and want to go for a short bob haircut should definitely choose the layered, angled or tapered bob haircut to have a voluminous and thicker-toking hairstyle. With the help of short layered cuts on the back part and longer strands in front you will have a fashionable and a very attractive hairstyle.

2016 Catwalk Braided Hairstyles

Stylish ladies usually copy the hairstyles that hairdressers experiment on models’ hair. These are always the latest trends that become so popular among celebrities. Let’s have a look at some trendy catwalk braided hairstyles for 2016.  I have collected the most beautiful plaits that we have seen during the recent fashion shows.runway braided hairstyles 2016Milkmaid Braid Updo Hairstyle

If you do some research among the most elegant updo hairstyles you will surely meet the lovely milkmaid braid. It is also called halo or Dutch braid hairstyle and has a very ravishing structure. This hairdo keeps your hair out of the face and highlights your cuteness. As fashionable braided updo hairstyle you can wear it for wedding parties or for other special events.

2016 Trendy Hair Colors for Black Women

When it comes to hairstyles or hair colors for black women I do my best to provide you with the most fashionable and beautiful options. Since it’s not so easy to find the best hair color for your dark skin you should look for as many hair color ideas as possible to find your shade. Here I have collected the trendiest hair colors for black women for 2016. If you want to change your current shade then keep on colors for black women 2016Dirty Blonde Hair Color for Black Women

The most required shade among black women still remains the lovely dirty blonde because it goes with dark complexions and highlights dark eyes. This hair color tends to lighten up your complexion and to create a well-balanced look. Take examples from black celebrities who often go the dirty blonde hair color to enhance their prettiness.

6 Chic Hairstyles for Winter 2016

The season of warm clothes, knotted scarves and hats is here and declares us its rules. We try to change our look with the season and all we choose depends on the latest trends. You may like to discover new chic hairstyles for winter 2016 and I hope these 6 trendy hairstyles will help you find your style for the cold weather.hairstyles for winter 2016Loose Updo Hairstyle

Since the chilly and fresh wind sometimes ruins our hairstyles we don’t need to go for super perfect hairdo. Messy and loose updos are great for winter. They keep our ears warm and look very attractive. You can fix your loose updo hairstyle with bobby pins and hair spray.