2017 Stunning Red Hair Color Ideas

There is no way out to fail a stunning red shade if you opt for the right one for your complexion. Though this is not an easy task and requires a careful choice but with the help of a pro you will surely find out your red hair color. Like a red lipstick each woman should know which red hair color goes well with her base hair color, skin tone and eye hue. If you haven’t found out the most flattering red hair color for 2017 to match with your complexion then you are in the right place. The following triumph of red hues will inspire you for the coming hair dying season.red hair colors 2016Bright Copper Hair Color

Though I am a natural brunette but the tenderness and the brightness of the copper red captures my heart. This hair color is the best one for light skin tones with pink undertones. It is best achieved on light hair colors. Copper red ideally goes with green and blue eyes and tends to look as natural as the ginger red. Some celebrities in copper red shades and cool complexions seem to be natural redheads and once you discover that they are natural blondes you realize the real charm of the bright and glossy copper red.

Cozy Braided Hairstyles for Curls 2017

When it comes to curly hair we find it hard to match curls with the right braided hairstyles. Not every braid goes well with messy and unruly curls but some tend to keep control over the fly-away curls and provide you with amazing hairstyles. These are cozy braided hairstyles for curls to use in 2017. As summer is a hot season we look for comfier and more attractive hairstyles. So, braids are both convenient and pretty. braided hairstyles for curly hair 2016Crown Braid Updo for Curls

The first comfy braided hairdo for curls is the milkmaid or the so called crown braid. This hairstyle that tends to give you a princess look is among the top braided hairstyles for 2017. It is a good prom updo and goes well with most hair types including curls. In order to keep it tight and classy use the French braiding technique for the top part hair and then pass on to the updo.

2017 Spring/Summer Loose Messy Hairstyle Ideas

When we think of new hairstyles for the coming season we take into account the nature of the season and the way it reflects on our mood. Generally the haircuts and the hairstyles for spring and summer are lovelier and more relaxed than in autumn and winter. If you don’t know what hairstyles to choose for these warm and hot days then check out the following string of loose messy hairstyles for spring/ summer 2017. We care about your girlish and seductive looks for any season and offer the best and the trendiest hairstyles for all haircuts.messy hairstyles for 2016Loose Beach Waves Hairstyle

For the hot and crazy beach time the lovely bohemian wavy hairstyles are the perfect options. They are super for medium to long hair and tend to keep your style as natural as possible. Women with naturally wavy hair can rock this hairstyle more often. Loose and relaxed beach waves are possible to achieve by braiding and curling techniques. According to the method you choose your hair will look voluminous, messy or sassy.

Prom Downdo Hairstyle Inspiration for 2017

When it comes to prom hairstyles we usually look for trendy updos, but what about posh, luxurious and glamorous downdo hairstyles for 2017? Well, it’s a fact that updo hairstyles enhance our femininity and bring out pretty facial features but there are such down hairstyles which can’t be compared with any ritzy updo. These fashionable and luscious hairdos tend to highlight the charm of your hair and the girlish nature inside you. Check out the following hairstyles and rock the coming party in a cool down hairstyle.downdo prom hairstyles 2016Side Pulled Long Curls

My long-haired beauties who have always need wearing big updo hairstyles for special occasions may show off the healthy and shiny effect of their hair with the help of the vintage inspired side pulled curly hairstyle. This is one of the best hairstyles to keep all eyes on your cute face and subtle makeup as well as find a good matching for elegant and fancy dresses and accessories. Look at our stunning natural brunette Megan Fox. She always sparkles in this lovely hairstyle.

Casual Hairstyle Ideas for Teenagers 2017

I know that teenage girls are always interested in the cutest casual hairstyles which are both fashionable and pretty. They like to experiment with different creative styles and accessories. Since trends are refreshed every season each girl should create her own style and find out the matching updates. Here are lovely casual teenage hairstyles for 2017 to inspire you especially for spring and summer. Keep up with the fashion and be unique.hairstyles for teenage girls 2016Bow Curly Half-Updo Hairstyle

Bow is a real girlish hair accessory to wear with cute curly half-updo hairstyles. It makes this hairdo even more feminine and glamorous. Even a simple bow and turn your semi-updo hairstyle into a stunning prom hairdo. You can choose this hairstyle or your birthday or for any other occasions. It is worth to try on long thick hair on casual days too.  

2017 Best Hairstyle Ideas for Medium Haircuts

Looking for the best medium hairstyles for 2017? Start with a cool haircut and the ideas will come by themselves. You will even get confused in the variety of the possible styling versions that hairstylists offer for medium hair. Though there are thousands of styles for medium haircut but here I will represent the most popular and required hairstyles ever. So, keep on reading and keep up with the fashion.medium hairstyles 2016Medium Straight Ombre Hairstyle

Pink ombre? Yes, it is a big trend for 2017. Girls like to get the dolly look by dark roots and pastel pink tips. They are so subtle and soft on hair. If there is an incredibly tender hair color then it’s the pastel pink. It creates well-balanced effect on medium haircuts and looks quite pleasing. This hairstyle is more than girlish and eye-catching.

Festive Updo Hairstyle Inspiration for 2017

Find your new source of inspo for updo hairstyles in 2017. We will help you to unveil the latest trends and will give innovative ideas on how to rock old-fashioned updo hairstyles with modern twists. We want you to be the first who tries out the most creative and festive updo hairstyles for the upcoming wedding days, birthday parties or formal occasions. So, amuse everyone with your feminine and glamorous look provided by the ritzy hairstyle.updo hairstyles 2016Messy Beehive Updo Hairstyle

Are you tired of the same messy high buns or common messy chignons? Perhaps you may like the messy beehive updo hairstyle. It’s a retro inspired hairdo with shaggy curls and side parted soft strands which create a bang effect. They frame the face daintily and due to their shiny red shade highlight the coolness of the skin. However the hair color doesn’t matter and you can showcase your complexion with the enhanced shade of your natural hair color.

Charlize Theron’s Best Hairstyles to Copy in 2017

Being an inspiring stunning blonde  beauty Charlize Theron is a delightful and seductive lady who looks attractive in any haircut and hairstyle. She knows the secret of looking so girlish and youthful even in short boyish haircuts. But since this posh lady has pulled off many glamorous hairstyles which are trendy these days we will focus on the best of bests. So, check out Charlize Theron’s best hairstyles for 2017 to be the first to copy some of them this year.Charlize Theron hairstyles 2016Charlize Theron Medium Layered Hairstyle

The first hairstyle that I would like to represent to you is the medium layered messy delicacy. Though Charlize used to have long hair but mid and short haircuts suit her more and highlight her femininity. This lovely wavy messiness is a big trend for 2016 and it is quite sophisticated with the center parted bangs and dark roots.

2017 Hottest Haircuts for Long Hair  

There is no any other style that captures male hearts than the long, luscious and thick hair. Well, there are a few who like short haircuts but long hairstyles remain the dominant feminine styles all over the world. If you want to discover the latest long hairstyles for 2017 then check out this collection of trendy haircuts. There are several cool chopping ideas for long hair that not only refresh the hairstyle but also give it a stylish look.haircuts for long hair 2016Long Hairstyle with Fringe

Any kind of fringe is fashionable for long hair but the most popular and beautiful cuts are long, straight, side swept and blunt bangs. They are often met on the runways and hairstylist prove that bangs are making a huge comeback. Many more stylish ladies opt for bangs in order to change the common look of their long hairstyle. Even the simplest bang style can make miracles for long hair. Just find the right fringe for your face shape.

Dainty Wedding Hairstyle Ideas: Spring 2017

The runway shows for spring 2016 are surely filled with stunning gowns and accessories but what grabs our attention is the hair styling ideas and the added modern twists. We choose wedding hairstyles according to the season to have the desired harmonious and stylish look. If your long awaited wedding is in spring then check out these dainty and gorgeous wedding hairstyles for spring 2017. Keep in mind that the attractive and feminine bridal look is succeeded only when you opt for the most delightful hairstyle that compliments your dress.spring 2016 wedding hairstylesWedding Low Braided Bun Hairstyle

Replacing the common low buns with braids and center parted styles hairstylists offer modern and more fascinating festive hairstyles. Sometimes celebrities wear such tender hairdos that look ideal wedding hairstyles. One of them is Emmy Rossum’s headband updo with an exquisite spring touch in it. It is a simple center parted sleek low braided bun beautified with a stylish headband. This hairstyle is great for medium to long hair and can be chosen by ladies who want to bring out their slender face shape and attractive facial features.