How to Create Vampy Look

Lady vamps break hearts; their sexy and mysterious image makes us admire with them. Vampy image will be suitable for special occasion. Here is collection of celebrity vampy images that will inspire you to get really special and eye catching look that will stand out from the rest of the crowd.

vampy hairstyle

The most important detail in lady vamp’s image is lips. In spite of the fact that we are talking about hairstyles we cannot ignore such important detail. For perfect vampy look you need to choose dark shape of lipstick. It can be burgundy, deep red, plum or any other shade of red that will make your lips sultry.

Multi Tonal Hairstyles

Multi tonal hairstyle looks much more interesting than one tone hair color. The combination of subtle shades can make hair look fuller and longer and that’s why hair stylists so often use this trick. Styles of hair highlighting are so versatile that one can easily get confused while choosing the most suitable one.

hair highlights

You can find million inspirational images but first check out this gallery of celebrity multi tonal hairstyles that include both subtle and dramatic images.

2015 Curly Hairstyles

Curls are hot and curls are popular. No matter you are wearing natural or styled curls you will look simply adorable. There are so many beautiful hairstyles for curly hair and all of them are included in 2015 hair trends. The following examples of 2015 curly hairstyles will show you some new ways of wearing curly hair.


Curly hair looks breathtaking when worn loose so if you have natural long curls you should definitely wear them look. The only problem that can happen with curly hair is dull hair. Curls will look smashing with extra sheen so if your hair is lifeless you need to revitalize it and enrich with vitamins. You need to use moisturizing masks and conditioners as well as control your diet and drink enough water. Still, there is another way to get shiny hair. If you have colored hair choose the best shade of hair glaze that will make hair color more intensive and shiny.

2015 Bridal Images on the Runway

Fashion shows bring offer inspirational images. Hair gurus and makeup artists create crazy and fashionable images that are copied and recreated over and over again. You can find inspirational images for street or some creative ideas for special occasions. For instance you can find some beautiful bridal hairstyles on the runways.


2015 spring bridal hairstyles are very cute and elegant without any sophisticated details. Woman’s natural beauty is accentuated with quite simple hairstyle. Even for such big day like wedding designers represented simple up-dos. The only thing that they chose to decorate is headband. This is not a simple headband; luxurious headband embellished with shiny and semi-precious stones that looks like a tiara. Moreover embellished headband is more popular now than classy bridal tiara. Headband can be combined with veil.

2015 Fall/Winter Casual Hairstyles

2015 fall/winter hair trends are versatile; the collection includes short and long hairstyles in any texture but there is one distinguishing feature that is common for almost all new hairstyles; no matter you look through the pictures of catwalk looks or designer hairstyles you will see that all hairstyles are quite natural and relaxed. Such effortlessly done hairstyle acentuates woman’s natural beauty and sexuality. The following examples of fall/winter casual hairstyles 2015 will show you some new ways of wearing hair.

2015 Fall/Winter Casual Hairstyles

One of the best up-do hairstyles from 2015 hair trends is messy ponytail. Similar hairstyle was seen on the latest fashion shows completed with stylish accessories and extensions. Messy ponytail hairstyle will be perfect for casual occasions. It will look awesome with ripped jeans or leather pants, sweater and oversized coat. With special details and accessories messy ponytail will be suitable for special occasions as well.

Cute Half Up-do Hairstyles

Women with long and medium hair should be really creative because they have to change image in order to look attractive. Fortunately there are infinite hairstyles that are easily copied and recreated. One of such cute and elegant hairstyles is half up-do that is suitable for medium and long hairstyles.


There are so many beautiful half up-do hairstyles that you can be created in five minutes. Half up-do hairstyles will be suitable for any occasion be it a romantic date or business meeting. Besides of looking stylish half up-do hairstyle is one of the most optional hairstyles. It is great to wear hair loose and at the same time feel discomfort. Hair pinned on the front will not annoy you and at the same time will leave long hair loose.

Modern Short Haircuts 2015

We are now going to talk about popular and crazy hairstyles from 2015 hair trends so if you are afraid of dramatic changes and stay away from chopping even an inch of hair you’d better leave it and find more suitable hairstyles for you. On the other hand, if you have made up your mind to change your casual hairstyle and get something really special, check out this brief gallery of modern short haircuts 2015 where we have gathered all the best designs.


New short haircuts and bold, mind blowing and non-traditional. It means you should forget about simple short hair with choppy layers and get something really special. Asymmetry is the best detail that can add crazy vibe to your hairstyle. You can use your imagination create very special style only for you or you can get inspiration from these examples of modern short haircuts.

Natural Hair Colors

Natural hair color surely looks better and more elegant but women are crazy about changing colors and mixing tones. New hair color can look really cute and stylish if only chosen properly because first of all it should be suitable for skin tone and eye color. Sometimes women decided to save money and color hair at home. Such experiment is very risky especially if chosen color is lighter than the base tone. As a result hair can damage and break down.

ombre hairstyle

If you have colored hair at home and you are not satisfied with the result, you need to get back to natural hair. The period of growing out hair and getting back to natural color is not as easy. You need to know several tricks on how to get back to natural color and make hair look healthy.

Chignon Hairstyles for Wedding

Bridal hairstyle just like wedding dress or accessory has great importance. In order to make the day really memorable bride should choose hairstyle with great care and try several options. The following ideas of bridal hairstyles will offer you some new ideas for wedding. If you are looking for wedding up-do hairstyle chignon will be a perfect choice.


Classy chignon hairstyle can be created on both medium and long hair. Simple yet very beautiful and elegant hairstyle will be suitable for even such special occasions like wedding. The only thing is to be able to find proper details and accessories that will decorate hairstyle and make it really special.

2015 Spring Male Long Hairstyles

Long hair is no longer women’s prerogative just like short haircut is no longer only for boys. 2015 male hair trends include mostly medium and long textured hairstyles with a messy touch. The following selection of 2015 spring male long hairstyles includes the best images and hairstyles of new season so if you have decided to grow out hair you will surely find inspirational images.


New long hairstyles were presented on the catwalk as well. Here designers went for center parted hair. In fact, center parting was the main theme of runway hairstyles both for girls and boys. Still, you are not supposed to wear center parting if it doesn’t suit you. Long hair can be worn in numerous and there is no need to stick to one and the same haircut.