Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair can become a real weapon  if only a woman knows how to take care of curly tresses properly and how to make the most of curly hair texture. Fortunately there are numerous hair care products for curly texture as well as styling tricks from professionals that will help you to become your own hair stylist. The following hair care ideas will help you to turn your curly tresses into the one that will break hearts.

Curly Hairstyles

One of the most common problems that girls with natural curls can face is dry and frizzy hair. To deal with the problem some use moisturizers that weight down hair. In order to give hair necessary moisture you need to find the product that include less chemical products. You can also make your own moisturizing leave in conditioner from natural products.

Popular Bob Hairstyles

Take a sneak peek at some of the most popular bob hairstyles from celebrity red carpet looks. Prep your locks for a beautiful makeover and you will surely break hearts.

popular bob hairstyles

It is really hard to choose new hairstyle especially if you were wearing one and the same hairstyle for a long time. Going shorter can be a serious step and you should think twice before chopping hair. On the other hand, you can choose one of those super-stylish and sexy bob hairstyles that are considered the trendiest design of 2015 fall and winter.

Formal Hairstyles 2015

Festive season is coming and it is high time to learn new ideas of formal hairstyles. When it comes to short or medium length hair, styling options are limited while longer hair can be transformed in numerous ways depending on your sculpting skills and of course outfit and accessories. 2015 formal hairstyles are less sophisticated. Hair stylists have forgotten about complicated up-do hairstyles that were once so popular and now they offer to choose simple hairstyles even for special occasions.

2015 Formal Hairstyles


One of the popular hairstyles from 2015 trends is vintage wavy hairstyle, For formal event hair stylists offer to get center parted waves that look maximum elegant and glamorous. Such hairstyle will be suitable for any type of dress be it classy little black dress or sexy cocktail dress.

Celebrity Party Hairstyles

The best to become the queen of the party is to recreate celebrity image. Fortunately all the newest celebrity hairstyles are simple and easy to style. If you have some styling skills will surely be able to copy one of these celebrity party hairstyles. Take a sneak peek at these pictures and choose your favorites.

party hairstyle

If you are the lover of glamorous hair accessories decorated formal hairstyle is exactly what you need. The style of accessory will depend on your dress. If you have chosen ethereal dress in Greek style you can choose chignon or braided up-do completed with embellished headband. Such style of headband will be a gorgeous alternative for wedding or any other formal event.

Long Hairstyles vs Short Haircuts

Just like we still cannot decide which is better; blonde or brunette, the never-ending battle between long and short still doesn’t have the winner. Those two hairstyles have their advantages and disadvantages. Some women cannot imagine themselves with short hair; others simply cannot devote so much time on styling long hair. The following examples of celebrity makeovers will help you to find the winner in the battle “Long vs. Short”.  

Long Hairstyles vs Short Haircuts

Anne Hathaway

We used to see Anne with long hair with a bit wavy texture and she looked very elegant but when she changed her image for a role we realized that she looks even more feminine and sensual with short pixie haircut. Her image became an icon and from that day vintage pixie with choppy bang is considered the best one from collection of short hairstyles.

2015 Best Hairstyles Ideas; Runway Looks

Here is another collection of beautiful spring hairstyles that were presented during the latest fashion shows. Let’s continue the topic of spring/summer hairstyles 2015 and find out what else designers have prepared for us.

2015 Best Hairstyles Ideas; Runway Looks

And again relaxed and casual hairstyles are on trend. Designers completed their collections with loose and tousled waves. Textured waves with center or deep side parting will look amazing with any type of summer outfit bu it summer sundress or jeans. If you have made up your mind to update your image you can get wispy bang that will transform the look in a flash.

2015 New Bangs Hairstyles

For coming spring and summer designers have already presented new hairstyles and you can already check them out and find your favorites. Some designs have survived past season and still remain popular so do not hurry to chop off hair and first of all find out what it trendy for spring and summer.


One of the most popular details of 2015 spring/summer collections is a bang that is combined with both short and long hair. Besides of being such a popular and trendy detail bang is the most optional one that can used for different purposes. Let’s check out the best examples of 2015 new bangs hairstyles and find out how to choose suitable one for you.

Julia Robert’s Best Hairstyles

Few days ago Julia Roberts celebrated her 47th birthday and we just ought to talk about her glorious story. We are not going to talk about her talent or the roles that inspired millions of women. I want to talk about Julia Roberts best hairstyles from the very beginning of her career.


She had big eyes and magnetic smile and she managed to conquer Celebville with her natural beauty. Besides of her natural beauty she has luxurious dark hair that completes her image with some special allure.

Blondes & Brunettes; 2015 Hair Color Trends

Every girl has once come to a dilemma; which color is better blonde or brunette. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages and this is why this “battle” is never-ending. Let’s try to find out which is more suitable for you. As a source of inspiration we will check out celebrity images that wore both colors and may be you will be able to decide which one is better.

celebrity blonde hairstyles

Olivia Palermo looks gorgeous wearing natural brunette hair color and no one expected that she would change hair color and get blonde hair. Well, this is Celebville and no one can predict what they are going to do the next moment. Which is better? You choose.

Modern Hairstyles with Pins

Designers pay special attention to hair accessories and they can create really amazing hairstyles decorated with beautiful accessories. I am sure you have never thought that it is possible to create fashionable and stylish designs with simple hair accessory like bobby pin. In fact, bobby pins are of great popularity. Designers have not once presented gorgeous hairstyles with bobby pins on the catwalk. 2015 fashion shows were completed with decorated hairstyles and that’s why those designs are considered trend. This collection of modern hairstyles with pins will show you some beautiful hairstyles that can be worn on special occasions.

Modern Hairstyles with Pins

Simple detail like bobby pin can totally transform your hairstyle. The most common and popular hairstyle is pinned bang design that will add retro flair to image. Pinned bang can be created on both sleek and wavy hairstyle.