2015 Men Hairstyles; Milano Moda Uomo

Looking through the images from Milano Moda Uomo trendsetters created a list of the most popular male hairstyles 2015 that will be trendy for a whole season. Some of them are classy styles that were included in past seasons’ trends but most of them are upgraded with new details.


2015 male hairstyles have distinguishing features; they are sporty, masculine and at the same time. the versatility of styling options that single haircut can offer is simply amazing. I mean you are wearing one haircut but there are more than two ways of wearing it. This is a great option for those who get tired of an image very quickly. You will be able to change your image depending on the occasion and you will always like your new style.

DIY Rainbow Hair Highlights

Rainbow hair highlighting is one of the most popular coloring techniques of this season. Hair colorists use this technique to create bold and ultra modern look. Combination of contrastive colors looks very dramatic while the combination of subtle colors can make hair look thicker and voluminous.

If you have made up your mind to update your look and get multi tonal hairstyle here is a beauty guideline on how to get rainbow hair highlighting for your own.


There are many ways of decorating hairstyle. Hair extensions are very popular. This is the best option to transform hairstyle in a flash. Bright colored hair extension will decorate your hairstyle for special occasions. This trick will not damage hair like hair perm and you can always get back to your casual one tone hairstyle.

2015 Fall/Winter Hairstyles; Backstage Looks

All the greatest events in fashion industry have already taken place. New collection shown on Paris, New York, Milan, Berlin and London Fashion Weeks are already in the pages of fashion history. We will turn to these events time and again for an inspirational image. At this time too we will look through the pictures of backstage looks and models walking on the catwalk with designer garments. Let’s pay special attention to hairstyles because all of them are chosen for 2015 fall/winter hair trends.


Most images presented below are taken from Paris Fashion Week. Keep in mind that those hairstyles are created by popular hair gurus so each of those hairstyles is worth to be copied.

How to Grow Out Hair

Every one of us is dreaming of having long thick hair. We just can’t go by without looking behind a girl with super long hair and we envy, oh yes, we envy because long hair looks really attractive and feminine. Alas, not everyone is blessed with healthy and strong hair. Some girls turn to easy trick to get desired long hair; hair extensions help to get sexy long hair in a flash. Still this is temporary and sooner or later extensions should be removed. If you want to have your natural long hair you can learn some tricks on how to grow out hair and keep it healthy.


Hydration is the first condition of having healthy look and you should begin with using much water. Drinking water will not only keep necessary level of scalp hydration but will also keep skin smooth and healthy.

Runway Hairstyles & Hair Accessories; Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show

The hottest hairstyles are presented on the catwalk where designers show brand new hairstyles that completed designer clothing. Most hairstyles from the catwalk become trend and that’s why we so often turn to fashion shows for inspiration.

Such grandiose event like Dolce & Gabbana’s fashion show just cannot be ignored and not just because designers are famous all over the world, and not because they are considered trendsetters in modern fashion; Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows are popular with hairstyles and hair accessories presented on the catwalk. Here are some of the best moments from Dolce & Gabbana 2015 fashion show and hairstyles presented on the catwalk.


Designers are the greatest lovers of hair accessories. If you are fashion devotee you will surely remember past season Byzantine collection that was completed with luxurious tiaras and massive accessories. For 2015 collection too designers chose eye catching accessories that completed hairstyles with special flair.

2015 Brunette Hair Colors

Thinking of new hair color women mostly think of two options; blonde or brunette. This eternal battle has no winner because both blondes and brunettes look fantastic. We have already talked about new blonde hair colors and now it is time to find out best brunette hair colors 2015.


We are used to say that beauty icons are fairy blondes but what about sexy brunettes who break hearts with their unimaginable charisma? We can say that they have the sexuality of blondes plus unique magnetic flair that makes men lose mind. Natural brunettes rarely go for blonde or if they bleach hair, in the end they get back to natural hair color.

Celebrity Hairstyles for Round Face

The secret of flawless look is right chosen haircut and hair color. Women sometimes forget to take into consideration skin tone and face shape when choosing new image; it can end up with ruined look. In order to stay away from such problems you should first of all determine hair type, skin tone and face shape. Let’s talk about those factors separately.


Face shape is may be the most important factor that should be taken into account when choosing hairstyle. It is very easy to determine face shape. For instance if the width and length of face is almost the same, it means you have round face. Well let’s talk about round face shape and the ways of making it oval. As a source of inspiration let’s take celebrity hairstyles for round faces. All the images are taken from the red carpet.

2015 Top Knot Hairstyles

Coming season hair trends are set and you can already enjoy new collection of beautiful hairstyles. One of the trendy hairstyles from 2015 hair collection is top knot hairstyle. Of course, it is not a new design and you probably know how to style it. For new season both tight and messy top knot hairstyles are stylish and popular so let’s check out new top knot hairstyles 2015.


Women with long hair sometimes get bored of styling hair. Top knot is a perfect lifesaver that will set you free from any styling steps. There is nothing more simple than tying hair in a messy knot. You can even do it during a lecture or work. You can also create top knot with a pencil in case you don’t have bobby pins or a band by your hand. Messy top know looks adorable with head scarf for bohemian look.

Elegant Short Hairstyles

Wearing short haircut doesn’t mean you should have boyish style with untidy hair. Short hairstyle just like long hair can be transformed in the most beautiful way so forget about misconception that short haircut will limit you in styling options. These pictures of elegant short hairstyles will show you some of the best celebrity looks from the red carpet. Take a closer look at these hairstyles and find the best match for you.


Any style of short haircut can look elegant. Even if you have got short punk hairstyle you will be able to transform it. For instance if you have got punk hairstyle with shaved sides you can create waves or on the top and backcomb hair. Wavy Mohawk hairstyle looks very stylish. Similar trick will work with half shaved bob hairstyle.

New “Marilyn Monroe” Hairstyles

Marilyn Monroe is the most popular style icon from Old Hollywood. Her image still inspires millions of women that recreate her style over and over again. More often you can see “Marilyn Monroe” style on the red carpet where celebs appear wearing similar retro hairstyle and makeup. This gallery of new “Marilyn Monroe” hairstyles is taken from the red carpet. If you have made up your mind to get similar look for the coming party, you will never find better source of inspiration.


In order to get perfect “Marilyn Monroe” hairstyle you should first get light blonde hair color. Of course it will be a dramatic makeover especially if you have natural dark hair. On the other hand, changes are great and may be new hair color will change your life too. Turn to professional hair colorist who will bleach and color hair without damaging it.