Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

Brand new collection of up-do hairstyles 2017 for long hair includes the cutest pulled up designs that can be created on medium and long hair. You don’t need to have professional skills; all you need is your creativity to copy one of the most favorite designs.

Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you are the owner of long hair you can consider it as a canvas. You have so many opportunities to create something really gorgeous so sticking to loose hair is a mistake. Today there are numerous video tutorials on how to create even the simplest up-do hairstyle so even if you have never styled your hair for your own it is never too late to learn.

Teenage Hairstyles 2017

New season back to school hairstyles are simply adorable. Our teen beauty bunnies look so beautiful and stylish. This collection of teenage hairstyles 2017 presents the newest designs from 2017 fashion.

Teen girl hairstyle should be simple and easy-to-style. Fortunately new season hairstyles are all simple and casual and you will not have to spend hours by the mirror styling hair sleek or in a tight up-do.

Teenage Hairstyles 2015

One of the cutest teenage hairstyle that will look fantastic with casual outfit is simple side braid. If you have long hair you can make deep side parting, leave few strands loose and plait hair in a messy braid. Side braid can be transformed into wrapped braid that will look so romantic with dresses and skirts.

New Hair Styling Ideas

I still wonder how celebrities manage to keep hair flawless and I am still looking for a magical trick that turns simple and boring hairstyle into an inspirational image. Unfortunately there is no magic stick that transforms you in a flash and you will have to take care of your tresses as needed. The only way to have healthy, strong and elastic hair you need to begin totally new hair care routine as well as proper styling products. Here are the most important hair styling secrets that will help you to make your dream come true.

hair styling secrets

Need extra volume? Try to boost thin hair with silicone. Instead of using heavy conditioner you can make hair look fuller with silicone containing conditioners. Such conditioner creates thin layers that makes hair thick and boosts the volume. 

Long Layered Hairstyles

Long hair is girl’s secret weapon of attractiveness and this is why girls spend so much time and money on hair styling. In order to turn your long hairstyle into a real accessory you will need just one detail. Layering is the most popular hair cutting technique used by hairdressers that can turn bulky and casual hairstyle into something very special and stylish. Find out new ways to update your long hairstyle without shorter. These examples of long layered hairstyles will help you to find better option.

Long Layered Hairstyles

Every new haircut should be chosen according to hair type and texture. When choosing layering hair type is the main thing you should pay attention to. In order to get all the benefits of layering the style should match hair texture. For instance thin fine hair will look more voluminous and thicker with graduated layering. This style of layering can be added to both long and short hair. For long hair graduated layering should be added to the top so that tresses will look more voluminous.

Red Hair Highlights 2017

Redhead beauties look so sexy and adorable. Unfortunately natural red hair is a rare thing and women have to go for hair perm to create desired look. 2017 hair color trends include palette of red shades both natural and dramatic and which one to choose is only up to you.

Red Hair Highlights 2015

There is one thing about red hair color that you should know. It is of high maintenance and needs special care. Regular touch ups are a must otherwise color will fade quickly and look dull. If you are not ready to devote so much time on hair care you can go for hair highlighting. Multi tonal hair color looks even more beautiful and stylish so you can get smashing look without going for radical changes.

2015 Haircuts for Mature Women

Hairstyle has great importance when it comes to woman’s look and no wonder why women devote so much time and effort. The ability to choose proper haircut that is age appropriate and suitable for face shape is a real talent and professional hair stylists can do it perfectly. Still you can also learn some secrets that will help you to look stylish and elegant. The following collection of 2015 haircuts for mature women presents newest designs that will be suitable for ladies over 60.

2015 Haircuts for Mature Women

Wearing age appropriate hairstyle is a must because it may make you look younger and vice versa. If you do not want to look odd and grotesque you should choose haircut with great care. Mature woman should take into consideration some factors that will help you choose perfect look.

Creative Bun Hairstyles

Whether you are looking for office hairstyle or first date image those creative new bun hairstyles are what you want. Easy-to-do bun hairstyle can be created in ten minutes and there is no need to ask for the help of professional. If you have long or shoulder length hair you have all the chances to wear one of those beautiful up-do hairstyles.

double bun hairstyle

Classy example of pulled up hair is single low or high bun but your hairstyle will look more interesting if you get double bun hairstyle. All you need to do is to divide hair into two parts and wrap each section separately. Fix hair with bobby pins and hairspray.

2017 Easy Hairstyles

Women with long hair often face the problem of untidy hair and it can be serious especially if there is lack of time and busy schedule. No matter how busy you are you should never forget that you are a woman and you should always look attractive. Here is a short guideline how to look elegant and stylish with minimal effort. This gallery of 2017 easy hairstyles offers beautiful examples of up-dos that can be created without any effort.

braided hairstyle

If you want to have elegant hairstyle in five minutes braided hairstyle is the best. There are so many adorable braided hairstyles that you can style in the morning and you will not have to spend hours styling hair. It can be simple braid in case if you are rookie in the art of plaiting or you can learn few simple tricks to create beautiful braided hairstyle like side fishtail braid or bun up-do with braided strands.

Black Women Hairstyles 2017

The collection of black women hairstyles 2017 includes line of gorgeous haircuts and hairstyles that are perfectly suitable for natural Afro hair. From short to long designs black women hairstyles are smashing. Let’s check out what hair stylists have prepared for African American women.

black women hairstyles 2015

The selection of best black women hairstyles starts with short haircut. All styles of short haircut are trendy and no matter we are talking about black women hairstyles or designs for everyone. Both classy and modern variations of short haircut are going to be popular for new season. Natural thick texture of Afro hair makes it possible to get classy pixie with choppy layers or something more dramatic like undercut with shaved sides and longer layers at the top.

Perfect Pixie Haircuts

Still thinking of getting short haircut? If you are afraid of making mistakes you should find out some tricks of choosing short haircut for your face shape. Though going for pixie haircut will be a dramatic makeover for you, the risk really worth it. This collection of perfect pixie haircuts will help you to pick the most flattering design for you.

new pixie hairstyles

The most important factor that you should pay attention to is your face shape. Unlike long hair short crops open face and make facial features more accentuated so it is utterly important to know your face shape and details that you would like to hide.