How to Recover Hair

You have healthy hair and do not worry about proper hair care but one day you notice some changes in your tresses. Is it normal? Of course not. The following ten signs are talking about damaged and lifeless hair and even if you have just one sign it means you need to start thinking about your hair or you will face serious problems. Find out which are the signs that you should pay attention to and learn some easy tricks to recover hair.

repair damaged hair

Split Ends

If you have got new haircut and you notice split ends you should get worried. There are two reasons of slip ends; either hair is too damaged and even trimming hasn’t upgraded hair or tresses are too dry and lifeless. In both cases your hair need extra nourishment with natural ingredients.

Romantic Date Hairstyles

Your romantic date will be more memorable if you plan your image beforehand. It concerns to outfit, shoes, accessories, makeup and surely hairstyle. Keep in mind that all details in your image should not be too provocative or sporty. Keep to feminine and relaxed image with subtle tones. For accessories you can choose beautiful necklace that will accentuate your neckline or earrings, bracelet suitable for clothing or a ring. Never wear three and more pieces of jewelry otherwise your image will look a bit grotesque.

romantic hairstyles

There are many beautiful hairstyles that will be suitable for romantic date but there are several really working options that will make him lose breath.

Beyonce Hairstyles

Our diva Beyonce is now with new hairstyle. At this time it is shorter and sexier. Bob hairstyle was perfectly suitable for her complexion. Chin length hairstyle opened her face and accentuated her beautiful features. Her new bob hairstyle is may be one of the reasons why bob haircut has become the best one for coming spring and summer. Before discussing her new hairstyle in details let’s go back and check out her most iconic images that have inspired millions of her fans.

beyonce hairstyles

Beyonc? almost always wore super long hair that completed her feminine image. The only thing that she was changing is hairstyle and it should be noted that she is the lover of transformations. Afro curly hairstyle made her look like a wild seductress accentuating her natural beauty. Of course her curly hairstyle is one of the reasons why afro curls are still popular.

Vintage Hairstyles & Accessories

Vintage hairstyles are very popular today. Designers more and more often go back and choose retro images for modern fashion. Vintage influation is strong in every aspect. Now and then you can see vintage designs on the catwalk from prints to cuts and fabrics. Besides of fashion vintage influence is strong in hair trends that are perfect for special occasions.

vintage hairstyles

Vintage hairstyles are incomplete without accessories. Indeed, if you check out images from past decades you will see that women loved to wear accessories especially for formal events. Here are few examples of vintage hairstyles and accessories that are popular now.

2017 Ponytail Hairstyles Ideas

The popularity of ponytail hairstyle makes it the best choice for virtually any occasion. Whether you are getting ready for classes or your first date, cute ponytail will be a great option. 2015 hair trends offer beautiful styles of ponytail so make sure you know all trendy styles of ponytail so that you will be able to change your image on any occasion. Here are some examples of 2017 ponytail hairstyles to inspire you.

ponytail hairstyles 2015

Newest fashion shows presented several varieties of ponytail that were later included in 2015 hair trends. The first one that you need to check out is low ponytail. In its turn low ponytail can be styled in numerous ways and everything will depend on your outfit. For casual outfit you can simply pull hair back and tie with elastic band. There is no need to style hair wavy or sleek beforehand. You can wear any hair parting like center, deep side parted or backcombed.

Holiday Hairstyles 2017

With holiday season approaching hair stylists and designers decided to present you brand new holiday hairstyles 2017 that will help you to become the queen of the party. And again we are going to get inspiration from celebrity images from the latest red carpet events. Check them out.

Holiday Hairstyles 2015 Winter

Short Hairstyles

This summer short hairstyles are even more glamorous and seductive. All stereotypes about boyish look of short hairstyles are broken and today short hairstyles are more popular than any other long hair. Celebrities have chosen bob haircut as the best one for spring and summer so you too should definitely get similar design. Bob haircut can be styled in numerous ways. For perfect party look you can get sleek bob hairstyle with curled inside edges and flipped bang. For more flirty look you can copy Beyonc?’s new curly bob with center parting. If you have shorter hair like short pixie this summer you can wear it sleek styled with texturizer.

New Summer Hairstyles; 2017 Fashion Shows

The most sensational fashion shows in Paris, London and Milan presented innovations in fashion industry. Popular designer houses and labels presented 2017 spring/summer new collections. Those garments will be discussed and presented in lookbooks special editions but for now let’s check out models’ new summer hairstyles from fashion shows.

2015 spring hairstyles

If it is not a conceptual collection with dramatic looks and accessories hairstyles presented on the catwalk will be quite elegant and suitable for casual occasions. Today more and more women turn to runway images for inspiration because designers create really beautiful and stylish images.

Hair Care Ideas for Winter

Maintaining hair during cold winter days is not as easy as you think. Low temperature and harsh weather can damage hair and you cannot protect hair just wearing a hat. Here are some really important hair care ideas for winter that will help you to protect hair and it keep it healthy for spring.


First thing you should do is to keep the necessary level of moisture. Low temperature makes hair frizzy and dry. Moisturizing masks and conditioners will keep the elasticity of hair thus preventing hair from damage. Unlike hair you should stay away from moisturizing cream for face skin.

French Girl Hairstyles

Paris is the center of fashion; the most sensational fashion events are held in Paris and for hair inspiration too we will turn to Paris fashion.

french girl hairstyle

If you just walk on the streets of Paris you will feel yourself in the center of a little fashion show with women walking on the streets just like on the catwalk. Every single image is an inspiration because French girls know how to dress up and how to mix styles. The gallery of French girl hairstyles will show you some beautiful images that you can recreate.

Cute School Girl Hairstyles

Teen girls who have long hair more often do not have enough time to style hair and wear mussed up or boring up-do. If you also have long hair and you are tired of wearing simple designs stylists have prepared for you collection of cute school girl hairstyles that are easy-to-do and can be styled in limited time.

easy hairstyles

Sock Bun Hairstyles

Sock bun is one of the most popular and cool hairstyle that can be styled on any hair texture. In order to create sock bun you will need a thick band or a sock. Pull sock in the middle of tail and wrap hair close to the scalp. The final result should look like a doughnut.  Sock bun hairstyle can be completed with hair accessory like a bow or hair clip.