French Girl Hairstyles

Paris is the center of fashion; the most sensational fashion events are held in Paris and for hair inspiration too we will turn to Paris fashion.

french girl hairstyle

If you just walk on the streets of Paris you will feel yourself in the center of a little fashion show with women walking on the streets just like on the catwalk. Every single image is an inspiration because French girls know how to dress up and how to mix styles. The gallery of French girl hairstyles will show you some beautiful images that you can recreate.

Cute School Girl Hairstyles

Teen girls who have long hair more often do not have enough time to style hair and wear mussed up or boring up-do. If you also have long hair and you are tired of wearing simple designs stylists have prepared for you collection of cute school girl hairstyles that are easy-to-do and can be styled in limited time.

easy hairstyles

Sock Bun Hairstyles

Sock bun is one of the most popular and cool hairstyle that can be styled on any hair texture. In order to create sock bun you will need a thick band or a sock. Pull sock in the middle of tail and wrap hair close to the scalp. The final result should look like a doughnut.  Sock bun hairstyle can be completed with hair accessory like a bow or hair clip.

Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles

Jennifer Lawrence is a talented actress that conquered hearts fans with talent and surely her unique beauty and style. From all the images she has created we still remember her style from “The Hunger Games”. Her long brunette braided hairstyle completed with feather accessories was the most popular that was copied and recreated millions of times. Still time goes by and Jennifer changes getting new haircuts and color. This gallery includes all the best celebrity images that will inspire you for beautiful makeover.

Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles

When she began her acting career Jennifer conquered everyone with her natural beauty. Tanned skin and natural golden blonde long waves just couldn’t look boring. This was the beginning of her glorious career and starting point of her transformation.

Fall/ Winter 2017 Male Hairstyles

2017 Fall/ winter hair trends include line of stylish male haircuts that were shown on the latest fashion shows from Milan, Paris and London. Hairstyles chosen for this collection are created by popular hair gurus. Most of them are stylish designs that have survived past season.

2015 winter men hairstyles

One of the main trends of 2017 winter is slicked hairstyle. This classy and polished design was A choice of celebrities for red carpet events. If you are in need on inspirational images you can just check out one of the latest red carpet event and you will surely find some worthy styles to be copied. For 2015 both slicked side parted and backcombed hairstyles are trendy and it is up to you which one to choose.

Hair Care Ideas

We all want to have healthy and thick hair but we deal with tresses worse than ever. We treat hair in the worst way with cheap styling tools and inappropriate hair care products. We hardly think of protecting hair from sun rays and salt water and we always forget to use natural products that are so important for hair. If you have damaged and weak hair you are the only one who is responsible for your damaged hair. Still you can get back your beautiful tresses if you begin proper hair care right now.

hair care

Begin your hair care routine by choosing proper shampoo. If you have never thought about composition of shampoo you’d better pay special attention to it. Try to choose the one that contains more natural ingredients. Neutral pH 5.5 is very important especially if you problems with itching scalp and dandruff. Frequent washing is needed if only you have oily hair. Normal and dry hair should be washed twice a week. If you are used to style hair with blow dryer never begin styling while hair is wet. After washing hair pat with towel and leave it dry naturally. When hair is slightly damp you can begin styling with a low temperature.

Hair Color Ideas

We have so many times talked about trendy hair color and hair highlights as well as rules of choosing color for complexion but we have never talked about the period after hair coloring and the right way of treating colored hair. In fact it is even more important because if treated wrong color will fade very quickly and look dull. Here is a beauty guideline that will help you to learn some really optional tricks to keep hair color.

hair color ideas

All hair colors sooner or later fade but rich pigmented tones like red, brunette and all innovative colors like blue, pink, purple fade more quickly than subtle tones like dark blonde and brown. If you are not sure that you can treat hair as needed to keep color longer you should choose color of low maintenance.

Casual Hairstyles Ideas

I am sure that every girl had bad hair day at least one. Untidy hair and no time at all. The only solution was to pull hair in a simply bun and run away. Still, there are so many beautiful hairstyles that can be created with messy hair. This gallery includes casual hairstyles that can be created in minimal time with minimal effort.

Casual Hairstyles Ideas

Slicked Back Hairstyle

This simple yet very stylish and trendy hairstyle is considered the most popular one the catwalk and why not to recreate it. No matter you have short or long hair you can get the look. All you need to do is to apply styling gel to the roots and comb hair back. The rest of hair can be left loose.

Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair can become a real weapon  if only a woman knows how to take care of curly tresses properly and how to make the most of curly hair texture. Fortunately there are numerous hair care products for curly texture as well as styling tricks from professionals that will help you to become your own hair stylist. The following hair care ideas will help you to turn your curly tresses into the one that will break hearts.

Curly Hairstyles

One of the most common problems that girls with natural curls can face is dry and frizzy hair. To deal with the problem some use moisturizers that weight down hair. In order to give hair necessary moisture you need to find the product that include less chemical products. You can also make your own moisturizing leave in conditioner from natural products.

Popular Bob Hairstyles

Take a sneak peek at some of the most popular bob hairstyles from celebrity red carpet looks. Prep your locks for a beautiful makeover and you will surely break hearts.

popular bob hairstyles

It is really hard to choose new hairstyle especially if you were wearing one and the same hairstyle for a long time. Going shorter can be a serious step and you should think twice before chopping hair. On the other hand, you can choose one of those super-stylish and sexy bob hairstyles that are considered the trendiest design of 2015 fall and winter.

Formal Hairstyles 2017

Festive season is coming and it is high time to learn new ideas of formal hairstyles. When it comes to short or medium length hair, styling options are limited while longer hair can be transformed in numerous ways depending on your sculpting skills and of course outfit and accessories. 2017 formal hairstyles are less sophisticated. Hair stylists have forgotten about complicated up-do hairstyles that were once so popular and now they offer to choose simple hairstyles even for special occasions.

2015 Formal Hairstyles

One of the popular hairstyles from 2017 trends is vintage wavy hairstyle, For formal event hair stylists offer to get center parted waves that look maximum elegant and glamorous. Such hairstyle will be suitable for any type of dress be it classy little black dress or sexy cocktail dress.