2017 Summer Blonde Hairstyles

Talking about blonde hair we mostly pay attention to color and undertone of blonde but hardly think of hairstyles that will make your blonde hair look even more attractive. In fact, blonde hair looks fantastic styled in any design and now we are going to find out the hottest summer blonde hairstyles 2017.

blonde hairstyles

If you have already got blonde hair color you will only have to learn some styling tricks from professional hair stylists. Do not shy away from experiments because the main trend of 2017 summer is natural look and no sophisticated designs are included in 2017 trends.

How to Get Rid of Dandruff

From all common hair and skin problems dandruff is may be the worst one as it causes inconvenience as well as can be a sign of much more serious dermatological disease. There are many ways and hair care products that can help you to treat dandruff but if you haven’t treated it for a long time you should definitely turn to dermatologist who you surely help you to fight dandruff. On the other hand if you are take care of your tresses and you have faced dandruff you can learn some trips on how to get rid of dandruff and get back your healthy hair.

hair care ideas

There are several reasons why you can get dandruff. It can be wrong chosen shampoo or chemical ingredients of hair dyes and styling products, stress and some sin diseases like eczema, dermatitis and etc.

Innovative Hair Highlights 2017

2017 hair trends have brought line of new hair coloring tricks that will help you to create fantastic hairstyles. This collection of 2017 innovative hair highlights ideas include new hair coloring tricks that will help you to create brand new hairstyles.

new hair coloring techniques

There are numerous styles of new hair highlights as well as color combos but let’s talk about subtle color combos so that you will not have to go for dramatic makeovers. All the below shown examples will upgrade your hairstyle for new season without changing the base tone.

Pin Up Girl Hairstyles

With party season approaching women are choosing new evening dresses, shoes and accessories as well as look for new ways of styling hair to complete evening look. As retro style is of great popularity this season there is a great chance that you will choose an evening dress in vintage style. Therefore, your hairstyle should be in a perfect harmony to your outfit. The below shown examples of pin up girl hairstyles offer some new ways of creating pin up girl look.

vintage hairstyles

One of the most popular vintage hairstyle that will be suitable for both floor length evening gowns and cocktail dresses is vintage wavy hairstyle. In order to create vintage waves use medium size rollers. After removing rollers slightly comb hair smooth down waves. Make deep side paring and fix it with bobby pins and hairspray for long lasting effect.

2017 Bangs Hairstyles from Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are full of dramatic and inspirational looks. Group of hair stylists who create models’ images presented creative ideas of wearing bang and some of them will surely become trend of coming spring and summer. The following picture gallery presents most exciting images from fashion shows in Paris, Milan and London. Check out 2017 bangs hairstyles from fashion shows.

spring 2015 hairstyles with bangs

Just like on any fashion show dramatic and mind blowing images are dominating. Most designs are conceptual and you will hardly see them on the streets. Still we cannot ignore them. One of the best bangs hairstyles presented on Tom Ford fashion show was shaggy bang. Side swept tousled bang completed messy wavy hairstyle.

How to Deal with Static Hair

Static hair is a real problem that is more common in winter days. The main reason of static and unruly hair is a hat. It doesn’t mean you should put away your winter hat; harsh and low temperature can damage hair so wearing a hat for winter is a must. So how to deal with static hair and make it more manageable? In fact, there are simple tricks. let’s talk about them.

How to Deal with Static Hair

The best and the most effective way of dealing static hair is deep conditioning. Actually, low moisture can cause several hair problems like frizzy and dull hair, split ends and etc. It is very important to keep hair moisturizing the whole year.

Gray Hairstyles 2017

The biggest problem for women is gray hair and they are still struggling against aging. Hair coloring is the only way to hide gray strands. Regular touch ups and harsh chemicals sooner or later will damage hair and make it frizzy. So which is the best  way to get flawless look? Stop fighting against gray hair!

gray hairstyles

Gray hair is the new blonde. 2017 hair color and hairstyle trends include numerous fantastic gray hairstyles that look even more eye catching than blonde or any other innovative color. If you just check out newest looks from Celebville or catwalk you will find numerous inspirational images. If you already have gray hair  you can get brand new and ultra-modern look by coloring hair gray.

Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ladies with long hair are adorable especially if they know how to wear it and how to decorate. Having long hair is only the part job; if you don’t know how to make the most of your hair you will not be able to get desired attractive look. Here is a collection of cute hairstyles for long hair that will help you to learn some creative ways of styling long hair.


Long hair can be transformed in infinite ways and this is a real challenge for your sculpting skills. It doesn’t mean you should spend all day long by the mirror styling complicated up-do. There are so many beautiful easy-to-do hairstyles that look more feminine and romantic.

How to Recover Hair

You have healthy hair and do not worry about proper hair care but one day you notice some changes in your tresses. Is it normal? Of course not. The following ten signs are talking about damaged and lifeless hair and even if you have just one sign it means you need to start thinking about your hair or you will face serious problems. Find out which are the signs that you should pay attention to and learn some easy tricks to recover hair.

repair damaged hair

Split Ends

If you have got new haircut and you notice split ends you should get worried. There are two reasons of slip ends; either hair is too damaged and even trimming hasn’t upgraded hair or tresses are too dry and lifeless. In both cases your hair need extra nourishment with natural ingredients.

Romantic Date Hairstyles

Your romantic date will be more memorable if you plan your image beforehand. It concerns to outfit, shoes, accessories, makeup and surely hairstyle. Keep in mind that all details in your image should not be too provocative or sporty. Keep to feminine and relaxed image with subtle tones. For accessories you can choose beautiful necklace that will accentuate your neckline or earrings, bracelet suitable for clothing or a ring. Never wear three and more pieces of jewelry otherwise your image will look a bit grotesque.

romantic hairstyles

There are many beautiful hairstyles that will be suitable for romantic date but there are several really working options that will make him lose breath.