2017 Emo Hairstyles & Hair Colors

Emo and scene hairstyles are quite popular today and long gone are the days when we got shocked of their dramatic image with bright hair color and dark makeup. Once they were in the center of attention and I guess they liked it. Now they are trying new images to be more impressive. Scene hairstyles are getting bolder and futuristic. Here is the selection of 2017 emo hairstyles and hair colors. Find out whether you are brave enough to get similar look.


One of the basic rules of emo hairstyles is to get something non-traditional. Here you can use your imagination and combine two haircuts. For instance, it can be half shaved hairstyle where one side is shaved or short crop cut while the other can be cut in razored or asymmetric layers or simply blunt cut.

2017 Short Wedding Hairstyles

According to misconception short hair limits woman in styling options especially when it comes to formal styles like wedding hairstyle. More often women go for hair extensions and try to copy up-do hairstyle for long hair. Surely it is an option but 2017 hair trends offer so many wonderful short hairstyles that will be suitable even for such a big day like wedding. Here is a gallery of the best short wedding hairstyles 2017.


As short hair limits you in styling options you need a secret trick; hair accessory is definitely the best trick to decorate bridal hairstyle. There are so many luxurious accessories that can be matched with bridal dress that you will surely find something really special for you. Newest hair trends offer you to decorate bridal hairstyle with feather hair accessory. Feather accessory will look beautiful with short pixie haircut styled side swept of backcombed. It can be tucked on one side for flirty look. Such hairstyle will be suitable modern wedding dresses.

Hair Masks for Split Ends

We go crazy about gorgeous long hairstyle and we do envy when we see a girl with long hair. But wait, what is it? Split ends? Well, her image is ruined, who is next?

If you do not want to be the next with ruined image you need to take steps right now. Split ends will make hair look dull and unhealthy. The only way of revitalizing hair is chopping damaged hair. Still, it is not the solution to get rid of split ends once and for all. Keep in mind the following rules and masks for split ends.


There are so many reasons that can cause split ends that even natural hair can be damaged. First of all hair become dry and frizzy is hair perm. Harsh chemicals damage hair follicle and make it. If you are used to color hair and you don’t want to get your natural hair back you need to moisturize tresses regularly before and after hair coloring. This is the only way to keep hair healthy.

2017 Ombre Hairstyles

Ombre hairstyle is one of the most popular hair coloring techniques and every season this unique style has the highest rates of popularity. If you think that there is a single example of ombre hairstyle where dark brown roots are completed with blonde edges I should say that you know nothing about new hair trends. Check out 2017 ombre hairstyles full of vibrant colors and make your days brighter.

ombre hairstyle 2015

New season ombre hairstyles are simply mind blowing with unimaginable color combos that you have never imagined. It is time to forget about classy ombre hairstyle and get something really special.

Ombre hairstyle looks gorgeous on long hair so if you have already grown out your tresses you just need to choose the hottest ombre hairstyle that will warm up cool days of fall.

2017 Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Thin hair can be a real problem if only you don’t know proper haircuts and hair styling tricks to get desired voluminous hairstyle. 2017 hair trends include several really stylish haircuts for thin hair that will make it look thicker.

2015 hairstyles for thin hair


Besides of being one of the most popular haircuts of 2014 short hairstyle is may be the most suitable one for thin hair. Short pixie will break dull look of thin hair. If you get choppy layered short haircut and style it in spikes or tousled thin hair will look voluminous and stylish.

5 Hot Hairstyles 2017

Still looking for new ways of styling long hair? Check out top 5 trendy hairstyles 2017 that were shown on the latest fashion shows. Get inspired by hair gurus and best designers and take your skills to the next level. It is time to break out of boring shell and get something really special and less casual.

2015 hairstyles

There were so many amazing hairstyles that stylists could include in this collection and I suppose it was really hard to choose the most popular hairstyles of this season. Well let’s start with ponytail hairstyle that is still the best hairstyle for medium and long hair. For 2015 stylists offer to get bolder and wear modern ponytail with teased tail and accessories. This will add futuristic touch to image.

2017 Bob Hairstyles

2017 hair trends begin with collection of brand new bob hairstyles that are created by hair gurus and trendsetters. New styles of bob haircut are even more glamorous and fashionable. The length of new 2015 bob hairstyles are left a bit longer and this is great; they can be pulled up or left loose. If you have worn long hair for years you will easily get used to shorter hair.


The most popular style from 2017 bob haircuts is long blunt bob that was spotted not only on the catwalk but also on the red carpet. Celebrities got rid of long hair and chose bob hairstyles. I think their experience will help you to make up your mind and get similar look.

Back to School Hairstyles

We are back to school and we need new hairstyles to look cute and stylish. Hair stylists updated fall hair trends with beautiful hairstyles suitable for teen girls. The following examples have all qualities that girls need; they are easy to style, cute and age appropriate. Check out back to school hairstyles and choose your favorites.



Half up half down hairstyle is may be the best one for school girls. This hairstyle has all the benefits that girls need; tied front hair opens face and make you feel uncomfortable and at the same time half up-do shows off long hair. Half up-do hairstyle can be created on any hair texture and there is no need of styling hair beforehand. New season trends include creative types of half up-dos with braided strands. Pinned bang is another creative way of wearing long hair.

Silky Hair; How tos

Every woman wants to have healthy and shiny hair that is easily managed and styled. Surely there are girls who are blessed with silky hair and no flat iron is needed to style it. Still most of us have to spend a lot of time on hair care and styling. Because of poor ecology and not proper styling products hair becomes dull and lifeless. You need to take some steps to protect tresses and help them get healthier. Here are several hair care tips on how to get silky hair.


Women with long hair think that washing hair frequently will keep hair healthy and silky. Still harsh washing components wash natural oils that protect scalp and roots making hair frizzy and dry. Even mild shampoo can bring to frizzy hair. Washing hair with conditioner will keep hair moisturized and manageable.

High Fashion Hairstyles 2017

To go through the stress after summer psychologists and fashion devotees advice to change image. It can be total makeover of your style from outfit to hairstyle or little changes that will upgrade your look and make you feel better. As we are talking about hairstyles let’s check out some of the best high fashion hairstyles 2017 that will help you to upgrade your look for cold weather.

wavy hairstyle

For long hair learn few tricks to boost the volume because this fall and winter bouncy waves are on trend. Even if you have thin fine hair you will easily boost the volume of locks with style secrets from professionals. First of all blow dry hair upside down; this simple trick will help you to lift the roots and keep the volume longer. The secret of getting massive and defined waves is large rollers. If you use Velcro rollers try to roll hair close to the scalp lifting the roots. You can also leave them overnight for long lasting effect. Voluminous waves can be worn loose or styled in vintage half up-do for special occasions.