Best Runway Hairstyles from PFW 2017

2017 runway paris Sonia rykiel shaggy hairstyleStella McCartney SS 2017: Slicked Back Hairstyle

Stella McCartney gives an example of how to combine slicked back hair trend with short cuts. This hairstyle idea continues being listed among the most fashionable hairstyles. It’s here with its sophisticated style and incredibly cozy effect. Women with short haircuts also seek for comfy hairdos in spring and summer. So, style it into textured shag at the tips and create a super sleek effect on the top part with hair oils or strong-hold products.Stella McCartney slicked back hairstyle 2017Hermes SS 2017: Bowl Bob Haircut

An interesting and impressive haircut idea offers Hermes. Your next haircut could be the following bowl bob if you want to go for a short and polished style. It best works with straight hair and is always accompanied by straight bangs. The bowl bob or the so-called mushroom hairstyle is quite edgy and it requires flattering face shapes to look good.Hermes 2017 bowl bob haircutGivenchy SS 2017: Wet Hair Trend

What about the newest wet hair trends? Here are Givenchy’s SS 2017 freshest looks. These hot models rock fascinating wet-look hairstyles that make them totally different. You can go for such a sleek and high-shine knot hairstyle keeping the front part as sleek as possible. The created hairdo frames their faces and therefore looks subtler than other wet-look hairstyles.Givenchy SS 2017 hairstyle

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