Trendy Runway Hairstyles with Bold Accessories for 2017

Flower Accessories for Hair

Flower-shaped accessories are the next most popular beauty tools to wear with donwndo and updo hairstyles. They have a kind of subtle boho touch in them that make any hairstyle more than girlish and sophisticated. You can wear them with boho waves, loose wavy updos or cute semi-updo hairstyles. There are limitless ideas to combine with this headband.flower accessory for hair 2017Hairstyles with Crown Accessories

Metallic and glossy crowns are other fascinating accessories for party hairstyles. They best go with royal gowns, trendy makeups and matching royal hairstyles. All in all you are going to get a princess style with a fancy crown on your head. In order to create a well-balanced and elegant look make your choice between the crowns that can display your hair color.  crowns for updos 2017Hairstyles with Glitter Roots

Finally here are the popular glitter roots that have become so requested especially among teenagers and young fashionistas. These are rather hair colors than accessories but they are temporary and lost only a day or a few before you wash it. Colorful glitter roots are flashy and very bright. They are ideal for playful girls.  hairstyle 2017

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