Top-Listed Pixie Haircuts 2017

From the classic pixie cut to the most extravagant look here are the 5 top-listed pixie haircuts for 2017. These are considered as the most popular styles in Hollywood and all over the world. Women have taken the short haircut trend to the next level with more attractive touches and solutions find the solution that compliments your hair type and shade.pixie haircuts 2017Tavi Gevinson Boyish Pixie Haircut

Tavi Gevinson is one of the bravest celebrities who is not afraid of bold haircuts and serious transformations. Of course, she is very lovely with her medium haircuts but the super short and boyish pixie haircut has perfectly brought out her killer facial features and face shape. It seems as if this is her most convenient haircut and she feels quite confident in it. It’s beautiful in its blonde shade and looks thicker thanks to the created tons of layers on the top.pixie haircuts 2017Maria Borges Natural Pixie Haircut

Maria Borges is a stunning model that inspires many black women with her haircut and hairstyle ideas. This time she is here with her natural pixie haircut in a super cozy style. It’s her most eye-catching haircut that keeps all eyes on her shiny eyes. She doesn’t even need to dye her hair a light shade to stand out in the crowd; her style is just unique and unrepeated. She proves that sometimes the simplest haircut can be the chicest.

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