Hair color trends for 2017

2017 Fall/Winter Blonde Hairstyles

2017 fall/winter hair color trends offer wide range of shades to warm up cold days with romantic flair. For this season stylists offer to keep to subtle and natural tones. From three main hair colors like blonde, brunette and red you need to choose the best option for your complexion. Do not forget to take into consideration your lifestyle and routine because the lighter the color is the higher is maintenance. Let’s forget about the maintenance and talk about one of the best hair colors of all times. Guess which one is it? Of course I am talking about blonde hair color.


Every girl has once dreamt of having blonde hair. Surely not all girls dear to get blonde hair color but after all dreaming is safe. Girl with blonde hair attracts more attention and no matter she is wearing long or short hair. In spite of the fact that blonde color needs special hair care and regular touch ups millions of women bleach hair and get blonde color.

2017 Brunette Hair Colors

Thinking of new hair color women mostly think of two options; blonde or brunette. This eternal battle has no winner because both blondes and brunettes look fantastic. We have already talked about new blonde hair colors and now it is time to find out best brunette hair colors 2017.


We are used to say that beauty icons are fairy blondes but what about sexy brunettes who break hearts with their unimaginable charisma? We can say that they have the sexuality of blondes plus unique magnetic flair that makes men lose mind. Natural brunettes rarely go for blonde or if they bleach hair, in the end they get back to natural hair color.

2017 Spring Copper Hair Color Ideas

Though you have long winter to survive you can now decide what image you are going to have for 2017 spring. For new season you can get new haircut or learn new ways of styling hair but if you want to have totally new image you need to think of changing hair color.

From all trendy hair colors that are going to be popular for 2015 spring you should definitely choose one of bright shades of red. At this time we will check out 2017 spring copper hair color ideas.


Like any other shade of red copper is the one that can make you look like an angel and at the same time add some mysterious and magnetic allure to your image. If completed with suitable makeup you will be able to create show stopping look.

2017 Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles

Strawberry blonde hair color is popular shade of blonde that is chosen as one of the main trends of 2015 hair colors. In its turn strawberry blonde hair color has its shades and undertones for different skin tones. Professional hair colorist can get perfect shade of strawberry blonde for your skin tone by mixing two and more shades but if you have decided to color hair at home you can get ready product. Here are the best examples of strawberry blonde hairstyles 2017 for your inspiration.

2015 Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles

And again we will turn to celebrity images. As blonde hair color is one of the most popular shades in Celebville we will not find better inspiration than beauty bunnies. All style icons from the past and present have blonde hair and no wonder why this color still remain the best one.

2017 Short Haircuts & Hair Colors

New season will be more interesting and full of new emotions if only you get brand new haircut. It is high time to try on short haircut that is considered the most popular hairstyle from 2017 hair trends. As soon as you feel all the benefits of short hair you will simply fall in love with new image. For inspiration you can check out this gallery of 2017 short haircuts and hair colors from the catwalk.


One of the hottest short haircuts from 2017 fall and winter hair trends is layered pixie haircut. Choppy layered short hairstyle is suitable for virtually all hair types and face shapes. Moreover, pixie haircut has no age limits; it will be equally suitable for teenage girls and mature women. Layered pixie haircut with longer bang makes face look proportionate. Even if you have round face shape layered pixie will create an illusion of oval face. 

2017 Black Women Hair Colors

Hair color has great impact on woman’s image; it can make woman look attractive or totally ruin image and that’s why it is very important to choose hair color with great care. Surely the best one is natural color that is perfectly suitable to skin tone and eye color but women love experiments especially with bright colors.


When choosing hair color you should take into consideration skin tone. Wrong chosen shade can make face look pale and that’s why it is very important to consult with pro colorist. White women have wider choice; they can experiment with bright colors without any risk while black women should think twice before choosing this or that color. The following examples of 2017 hair colors for black women will show you some new ideas of colors for fall and winter.

2017 Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Warm up cool winter days with bright hair color that will totally change your image and make you fall in love with new hairstyle. One of the best colors that will transform your look and make it more eye catching is auburn. For this fall and winter both dark and light shades of auburn are popular so check out this palette of 2017 auburn hair color ideas and find the best match for your complexion.

2015 Auburn Hair Color Ideas

All shades of red are very capricious and not everyone can wear red hair color. Bright shades of red like auburn and ginger are more suitable for fair and porcelain skin tone. If you have medium tanned and tanned skin you can choose darker auburn color that will not make your skin look pale and dull.

2017 Emo Hairstyles & Hair Colors

Emo and scene hairstyles are quite popular today and long gone are the days when we got shocked of their dramatic image with bright hair color and dark makeup. Once they were in the center of attention and I guess they liked it. Now they are trying new images to be more impressive. Scene hairstyles are getting bolder and futuristic. Here is the selection of 2017 emo hairstyles and hair colors. Find out whether you are brave enough to get similar look.


One of the basic rules of emo hairstyles is to get something non-traditional. Here you can use your imagination and combine two haircuts. For instance, it can be half shaved hairstyle where one side is shaved or short crop cut while the other can be cut in razored or asymmetric layers or simply blunt cut.

2017 Ombre Hairstyles

Ombre hairstyle is one of the most popular hair coloring techniques and every season this unique style has the highest rates of popularity. If you think that there is a single example of ombre hairstyle where dark brown roots are completed with blonde edges I should say that you know nothing about new hair trends. Check out 2017 ombre hairstyles full of vibrant colors and make your days brighter.

ombre hairstyle 2015

New season ombre hairstyles are simply mind blowing with unimaginable color combos that you have never imagined. It is time to forget about classy ombre hairstyle and get something really special.

Ombre hairstyle looks gorgeous on long hair so if you have already grown out your tresses you just need to choose the hottest ombre hairstyle that will warm up cool days of fall.

2017 Blonde Hairstyles

Blonde is ethereal and no matter you wear it for summer or winter you will look fantastic. All shades of blonde are trendy so even if you get blonde highlighting you will have stylish look. Isn’t it great? On the other hand, if you are ready for total makeover you can take a close look at the hottest celebrity blonde hairstyles.

2015 blonde hair color

What is the main rule of wearing blonde? Surely it should be suitable for your skin because if you choose wrong shade or undertone your face will look pale and dull. It doesn’t mean that you should follow the rule of wearing dark with tanned skin. 2017 hair trends have broken all stereotypes so you can get sexy light blonde shade with tanned skin. Professional hair colorist will easily find suitable undertone to skin and eye color.