Lovely Hair Trends for Fall

Fall is the best season of the year to play with your kinky side, experience the art of knotting and hunt the vintage treasures. Natural and effortless hairstyles are welcomed and appreciated, since we are seeking for beautiful headdresses that are not time-consuming. When you are in hurry, 5-minutes updos and ponytails come in handy, however you can even show off your natural texture without any complicated styling. If you are looking for the best hair trends for fall, you should check out the following pictures of the models.lovely mhair trends for fallIncredible Texture

Everyone is different, so there are hairstyles for all: it can be curly, it can be straight and it can be wavy! Everything is possible. This year runway shows have been all about natural texture and big movement obtained through drying the strands with a diffuser and applying mousse into the roots. We keep it curly because we love it.incredible textureCrazy Knots

Whether it is true that the ponytail went into the retirement for the season or not but it seems the stylists turned to a more sophisticated and contained style: the knots. From complicated twists to messy loops, to classic chignons, there is one that works for every personality. It is really a smart decision to bring back some vintage trends and upgrade them with modern twists.crazy knotsMake it Wavy

If you think that the prettiest waves are created by skillful hairstylists it means you haven’t slept in buns and braids. Try this method and in the morning untie your strands before leaving your house and you will be totally impressed by your incredible waves. Imperfections are truly welcome so don’t try to overdo your headdress. Even if the popular stylists use an iron to get these waves, they still should keep “sexy, got out of bed” hair.  carefree wavesAntique Headband

Antique styles are highly appreciated and headbands can make a great start for fall. Some models have already been spotted with a topped off sleek middle parts with incredible headbands. The rest of hair has been secured into a beautiful updo that has a few flyaway strands. Want to channel your inner queen? Then this style is what you are looking for.antique updos with headbandRipple Effect

This style is inspired form 20s movie stars, when the ladies appeared with beautiful headdresses created with a rotating iron. So these hairstyles are back and look even softer and more feminine. Actually it is easy to recreate it, you just need to create a deep side and apply hair gel through the front section then take the comb and shape the fringe.ripple effect



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