2015 Asymmetric Hairstyles

Alternative hairstyles are among the most popular designs from 2015 hair trends. Girls more and more often get crazy hairstyle to break the monotony and stand out from the crowd. It is like a competition; who will get the best and the craziest hairstyle?

The shortest way to get alternative hairstyle is to opt for asymmetry. This small detail can be added to any hair length and haircut. The following examples of asymmetric hairstyles 2015 will help you to change your image and get desired modern haircut.


One of the most frequently chosen asymmetric hairstyle is half shaved style that is oh-so-popular among celebrities. You can find numerous inspirational celebrity images that are worth to be copied. Both short and long half shaved hairstyles are popular and you can create it on your haircut. The only thing you need to do is to determine the side that should be shaved or crop cut.

If you are not ready for such dramatic makeover you can get angled bob haircut with shorter layers at the nape and sharp layers at the front.



Like it was said before asymmetry can be added to any hair length. For instance, you have decided to update your short bob or chin length bob haircut with new detail. Asymmetric bang is what you need. This little detail will totally transform your look without changing hair length. Actually, asymmetric bang can be added to any hairstyle.

If you have got asymmetric bang or asymmetric layered haircut you need to style it in the right way so that your hairstyle will look perfect. Asymmetric bang needs to be styled poker straight with flat iron. For asymmetric layered haircut you need to use texturizer that will highlight asymmetry of your haircut.







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