2015 Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Warm up cool winter days with bright hair color that will totally change your image and make you fall in love with new hairstyle. One of the best colors that will transform your look and make it more eye catching is auburn. For this fall and winter both dark and light shades of auburn are popular so check out this palette of 2015 auburn hair color ideas and find the best match for your complexion.

2015 Auburn Hair Color Ideas

All shades of red are very capricious and not everyone can wear red hair color. Bright shades of red like auburn and ginger are more suitable for fair and porcelain skin tone. If you have medium tanned and tanned skin you can choose darker auburn color that will not make your skin look pale and dull.

The best combination is red auburn and green eyes. If you really want to copy the image of fairy redhead with “fire in tresses” and green eyes you can always go for a trick. Choose high quality hair coloring product that will provide you with intense and shiny red hair. For green eyes you can always get green lenses and become a real redhead angel.

After you have got smashing auburn hair color you should always take care of your tresses in order to keep them shiny and healthy. Rich pigmented colors like red, brown and black tend to fade very quickly even after two weeks of hair coloring. For hair going for hair perm every two weeks is a real stress and it can bring to hair disasters and even fatal results like hair loss. In order to protect hair and at the same time give it intense color and sheen you can use hair gloss that is less harmful for hair. You can use it more frequent and be sure that your hair will not be damaged.



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