2015 Bangs Hairstyles from Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are full of dramatic and inspirational looks. Group of hair stylists who create models’ images presented creative ideas of wearing bang and some of them will surely become trend of coming spring and summer. The following picture gallery presents most exciting images from fashion shows in Paris, Milan and London. Check out 2015 bangs hairstyles from fashion shows.

spring 2015 hairstyles with bangs

Just like on any fashion show dramatic and mind blowing images are dominating. Most designs are conceptual and you will hardly see them on the streets. Still we cannot ignore them. One of the best bangs hairstyles presented on Tom Ford fashion show was shaggy bang. Side swept tousled bang completed messy wavy hairstyle.

2015 bangs hairstyles

Next trend of bang hairstyle that needs to be included in this list is eyebrow sweeping blunt bang (Marc Jackobs). Designers presented more dramatic variations of blunt bang. Models wore grunge hair with bang that almost closed eyes. You can get similar look but if you feel uncomfortable with grunge hair you can wear sleek hair.

blunt bangs

Blunt bang was presented with long and chin length medium haircuts. Such combinations are the most frequently seen designs in 2015 spring/summer hair trends so think over this options in case you want to upgrade your hairstyle.

Besides of bang hairstyles hair gurus presented faux bang designs that looked very interesting and even bold. Fax hawk and fox bob hairstyles are quite popular but what about faux bang? Have you even seen similar look on the street? If not you can become first fashionista who will wear such ultra-modern look.



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