2015 Emo Hairstyles & Hair Colors

Emo and scene hairstyles are quite popular today and long gone are the days when we got shocked of their dramatic image with bright hair color and dark makeup. Once they were in the center of attention and I guess they liked it. Now they are trying new images to be more impressive. Scene hairstyles are getting bolder and futuristic. Here is the selection of 2015 emo hairstyles and hair colors. Find out whether you are brave enough to get similar look.


One of the basic rules of emo hairstyles is to get something non-traditional. Here you can use your imagination and combine two haircuts. For instance, it can be half shaved hairstyle where one side is shaved or short crop cut while the other can be cut in razored or asymmetric layers or simply blunt cut.

Short haircut is a new trend for emo and scene girls. Here everything is quite simple. I mean short haircut can look elegant and feminine if styled neat. As we are talking about emo hairstyles we will forget anything concerning simple styles.

Emo short haircut is bolder with choppy and asymmetric layers. More often layers are styled spiky and tousled. With the help of texturizer casual short haircut is transformed into crazy style with spikes.

Modern bob haircut is another popular emo hairstyle that can be styled in a crazy way. It can be chin length bob with shorter choppy layers at the top and bang. Again, hair styling is as important hair haircut, so do not be afraid of experiments.

Emo and scene haircut is surely important to get desired look by your image will be incomplete without proper hair color. Here everything becomes more interesting and exciting. Wide palette of innovative and futuristic colors will decorate bold haircut. Forget about monotony; multi tonal hair coloring is the one that you need to get scene hairstyle.



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