2015 Fall Casual Hairstyles; Celebrity Street Looks

Red carpet event is always a great source of inspiration. Celebrities look so adorable; they wear the most luxurious dresses and accessories, their makeup and hair is perfect and that’s why they gain so much attention. Some of celebrity images are so gorgeous that they soon become icons and critics continue talking about them time and again. Still, red carpet event is over and celebrities get back to routine. Do you think they wear their luxurious dresses, jewelry or sophisticated up-do from day to night? Check out this collection of celebrity street looks and casual hairstyles.

Katie Holmes

Casual hairstyle means that you should spend on styling hair no more than five minutes. You can get such look for your own. Actually, all women and girls with medium and long hair know how to style casual hairstyle. If you have natural wavy hair you can simply spritz shine serum for natural sheen. For second day hair you need to get pulled up hairstyle, especially if you have greasy hair. 

One of the most popular casual hairstyles that will be suitable for relaxed and sporty outfit is top knot hairstyle. Celebrities often choose bun up-do hairstyles. You can see them walking in the street with messy top knot hairstyle. If you have medium or long hair you will easily copy celebrity street look. Do not forget to complete your image with sunglasses and stylish accessories.

Pulled up hairstyle is the most suitable one for casual look. It requires minimal effort and time and you can get it just before going outside. It can be low ponytail, single side braid, half up-do or bun hairstyle that are suitable for both pants and skirts. Celebrities more often complete casual hairstyle with accessories like a hat or eyewear.




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