2015 Hair Trends

We are still investigating 2015 hair trends and hairstyles presented by the most popular hair gurus. Analyzing new 2015 trends we can say that there are no radical changes; all your beloved hairstyles are included in new season hair trends; they are updated with new details. Stay in touch with the latest changes in fashion industry and find out what are the best looks for coming spring and summer.


Messy hairstyles are back with even greater popularity. Grunge hair is presented in loose and up-do styles. For summer look you can get loose grunge hairstyle completed with headband. Such hairstyle can be easily transformed into messy low tail or braided hairstyle.

Next trend of coming season is curly hairstyle. In fact, curly hair will always be trendy. For coming season both tight natural curls and retro curls are trendy. If you have curly hair you can do nothing but enjoy your hairstyle by wearing it loose, in messy up-do or half up-do with braided or twisted details.

Looking for something really dramatic? Check out this collection of 2015 short asymmetric hairstyles that will help you to break the monotony and stand out from the crowd with your brand new hairstyle. For glamorous look you can get asymmetric bob with longer layers in the front and shorter hair at back or the one with long layers on one side and shaved hair on the other. There are infinite ways of creating asymmetric hairstyle and here you are totally free to use your imagination.



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