2015 Ombre Hairstyles

Ombre hairstyle still remains the most popular design among all available two tone hairstyles. Visual impact of ombre hair cannot be compared with any other style that’s why every season ombre hairstyle is included in new hair trends. For 2015 hair stylists represented both classy and brand new designs of ombre hairstyle for any hair length and preference. Here is a gallery of the hottest ombre hairstyles 2015.

ombre hair

Classy ombre hairstyle is transition from dark brown roots to lighter golden blonde edges. Such style is more suitable for long hair. It can be created on both dark and light hair. The only difference is the technique of getting ombre hairstyle. If you have natural blonde hair you can simply dye roots. 

New 2015 hair trends include more dramatic styles of ombre where two contrastive colors are mixed. You can get dark brown or black roots and finish the look with platinum or icy blonde edges. Make sure the colors you have chosen are suitable for your skin tone and eye color.

If you are looking for something mind blowing and extraordinary you can choose vibrant color like pink, purple, violet, orange or any other eye catching shade and get transition from darker to lighter. The only bad thing about such hair color is that it can fade very quickly and you should go for touch ups every two weeks.



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